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Post: We Love Our Dogs
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Looks like spam to me Not related to home Inspections that I can see.
Roy Cooke

I agree Roy, but… Nick set the rules…

I have one question for John… “How’s that CMI thing workin’ out for ya’” ??? :roll:

To say nothing is to condone wrong doing . Yes I know who the boss is but that does not stop me from my posting.

CMI is doing great…!:wink:

Misc is for posting whatever you want. Me and my family love our dogs.

Moderation is for non-members, not members.

And it still saddens me to receive emails like this from some of the Members;

(Sorry to email, but I don’t blog on NACHI anymore, has gotten to hateful).

Dogs on the miscellaneous section don’t bother me a bit, but the bashing of words and hate and instigation’s does on other threads.

What is up with that. This is a network of Home Inspectors not a Bashing Network.
Can’t say anything nice, don’t say it. I am sick of it myself.

Let dead dogs lye for krist sake. Why does it have to continuously be brought back.
It is easy enough to agree to disagree and end it there.

We are here to learn and be better Home Inspectors. Throwing words of malice to each other will solve nothing, and moderation should apply to both Members and non-members.

I have had enough.

Nick, we are losing members and participation on a daily basis.

Members are staying off the boards due to some of the pissing and moaning of some against other Members.


Marcel I enjoy your posts but you are hitching up to the wrong horse .
John.M is not a home inspector as far as I can tell.
Go tell me when he has posted anything related to Home Inspection.
I just looked at his last 25 threads and they are all political.
Guys like John are why members have left.

I state again that this is spam.


My license is active on the TREC website and I am still getting calls and being paid as a home inspector. I just made comments a few days ago on the thermal imaging thread about blower doors, in response to a discussion there. Go check again with your fact finding mission.

I enroll new members every month to InterNACHI. It is part of our IR class benefits.

These are the facts, not opinions. You are wrong.

I am a moderator on this forum and the rules state that moderation is for non-members only. Sorry if some pics of our dogs in the Misc. section bothers you.

Bob, John is still a Member, whether or not he is a Home Inspector or not.

Why can’t a Member post a few pictures of a dog on the Micellaneous section.
I know there has been some friction in the past with some dear friends of mine, but this is the issue at hand.

Someone does not like the guy and there keeps up a continueance of hate and bashing.

You don’t like to see the dogs on the Miscellaneous Thread, don’t look at it.

He did no harm or displeasure on that post.

I guess it goes to show that for every action there is a reaction.

And that is what the problem is.

If the reaction is not welcomed, then don’t provide the Action. :slight_smile:

Come on guys.

I see fellas post pics of their trucks and and such often here.

You are off base at best.

If you can’t stand politics and the hate, stay out of the NFE. :roll:

In a day or two, unless everyone keeps it going, this thread will disappear over the hill as new things are added to the site. If you got a bee up your bum with someone just ignore them. It was just some dog photos. Have we all become so thin skinned? I hope not.

My issues are the links to the site as he is acting as a vendor with ir and now dogs
Let’s see at least a helpful post other than trying to make a buck off fellow members
All I ever see is political crap and scam

Here is something new coming down the pipeline…:mrgreen:

Infrared Thermography and Your Inspection Business
with John McKenna from
*(Seating is limited to 50 students.) *

Come and join us Bob.

I have a better idea.
I challenge you to spend the next week posting only in the actual help sections of this forum.
No politics at all.
I think you are addicted to political spam and would like to see if you are able to actually teach new inspectors and impart knowledge other than how to go down on your knees and prey to Sarah Palin every night.
I doubt you could ever do this.
I speak for many in the shadows when I state that the majority of those that have stopped posting or left NACHI did so because of a small group that has the same issues as you do ,so you are not the only one and we all know who they are.

Let me see… I was just helping an inspector a few days ago. He was asking me about some issues on the IR section of the forum. I think his name was BOB. Oh… that was you…!

Like Mr Cryer said, don’t let your grudges get to you. I pray to God, but so far I have never tried praying to Sarah Palin.

Relax Bob and don’t try to control me. It aint gonna happen…:mrgreen:

InterNACHI does not moderate members.