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He is not allowed, by his contract with Thornberry, to acknowledge the “existence” of his agreement with Thornberry to sell his clients personal information to him to any third party without Thornberry’s permission. He must keep his contractual relationship … to sell his clients personal information in exchange for compensation … a secret from his client or anyone else.

I think that is pretty clear. There is nothing false in my post, even if members were moderated.

Your pal, Troy, invited himself to come along and support the alarm leads broker to whom he is selling his clients personal information to, but doesn’t want to publicly acknowledge that he is doing it. Seems pretty odd for something he claims to be so ethical and correct. As far as I know, he entered the conversation voluntarily.

Do you also sell your clients personal information to the alarm leads broker for compensation that you conceal from them … and then add language to your contract so that Thornberry can bypass the “no call” list that they might be on to protect themselves from harassing alarm leads salesmen?

Or do you just think that it is unethical to speak publicly about what a home inspector does that is unethical to his client?

Openly challenging vendors is a membership benefit. If you decide, on your own, to jump into the cross hairs to defend him don’t complain when you get an a s s full of buckshot.

I agree with Jim, as do many others.
Little Juan tries hard to protect his fellow information sales team.:p:p

It’s a waste of time Juan. James Bushart, as Mike would say, is a “known ethics violator” and has been sanctioned in the past for his offenses while a member of the ESOP. This has all been stated by the current ESOP chair who refuses to enforce any ethics rules James currently violates. This is all being done to send a message to Nick, who’s decisions they disagree with. I also suspect this group of long time members fully agree with and therefore are supporting one another to keep this drama alive.

Thank goodness our law enforcement don’t pout and refuse to uphold the law when they disagree with a court decision. Toothless or neutered or childish leadership should never be allowed to remain in place and play games.


Below is Jim’s idea of ethical behavior. Pathetic.

This is not the ethics anyone should aspire to adhere to when trying to have a MB conversation with other members.

I have had my business practices reviewed by my attorney and there is nothing illegal or unethical about them.

To say otherwise is a lie.

Those who buy snake oil that happen to get positive results attribute those results to the snake oil.

I suppose it does help to sell more snake oil to the gullible.

There are states where it is illegal - and where a home inspector can lose his license - for accepting compensation (directly or indirectly) from a service provider that he recommends to a client.

The same activity is prohibited by ASHI’s code of ethics. The ASHI President of a very populated area with a very large ASHI membership has published that it was unethical for ASHI members to participate in such a scam as this.

There is a reason that you were required to sign a contract that forbids you to tell anyone … including your client … about the “existence” and the terms of your agreement with Thornberry to be compensated for selling him private information about your cleint, but he won’t tell what it is.

It might be the same reason why, in your agreement with Thornberry, you must add a provision to your contract that - upon signing your contract for a home inspection - every client also signs away his rights under any “no call” list he has put his name on.

Why all the secrecy and confidentiality about a process that is alleged to be so ethical and legal ---- except where it is specifically declared to be illegal and unethical? Particularly, why is the client whose personal information is the commodity being brokered left totally out of the loop? Why does the client not know that you are being compensated … and why are you forbidden, by contract, to tell him?

I don’t think you are a crook … but I am not convinced that Thornberry isn’t. Neither are others who you will be hearing and reading from, soon.

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Why would I go out of business?

You don’t make any sense.

8 years and still happy.

Is the heat getting too hot for you Nate?

Your personal attacks mean nothing except maybe that those of who call you out are probably right to do so.

So keep it up, it helps people see who they are dealing with.

Have a nice day Putz.

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It’s OK Nathan.

Better get that AC serviced.

Why are you so concerned with any respect for me?

Is that what you seek for yourself?

Good luck with that. I think that ship has sailed and you missed the boat.

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Keep asking.

Maybe you will get lucky.

Where and how I live is of no concern of yours but thanks for your concern.

You can send me a check if you feel I need it. PayPal works fine too.

1146 Partridge Ln N
Hudson, WI 54016

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I think any inspector’s personal success has something like 99% to do with their personal efforts and 1% for everything else.

There are those who will claim otherwise.

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A free clue Nathan.

Everyone gets to decide for themselves what they consider to be success.

I for one am tired of your one size fits all crap, personal attacks, lies, undocumented assertions, and general bull****.

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