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Post: What is Mike Larsen
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Posted by: rlewis5
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Unfortunately Mike did not help his case by doing the same.

My motto here is - don’t get mad get even.

You mess with me. I mess with you.

Call it the law of the jungle if you wish.

Thought you were the level headed one.
You got drug in the mud. (yeah made up word) :slight_smile:

Now you are at the same level.
Take a breath and look down from above.

Oh I am indeed.

If someone one wants to take me on I will defend.

Mike you are a nobody like myself. You are always on the defense for no good reason.
Admit it !

Go change you friggin’ Depends. You smell to high heaven .

Wow, what a scumball roy L. is.

Oh ! A new name for me !
I like it , buy put Mr. in front of it ok ?