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Oh man. Jeffrey is losing it…

No he is just being his usual A** hole self

As he tells others, members are not moderated I wonder what part of that he does not understand

No, this is different. I think he is going full KW on us.

If you are a Woody for more than 4 hours, call your doctor… :mrgreen:

You must be talking to charlie. :stuck_out_tongue:

JJ has got a point, but if the OP doesn’t want the collective knowledge of 10,000+ home inspectors, he has a right to be… unwise.

JJ appears to me to be one of the most knowledgeable home inspectors on this forum.

I asked the two people that I am aware of on the forum; that are known for being very knowledgable in that particular field. Anyone can answer, but I did want to get their attention. Why would I send someone a private message on a forum that is used for learning?