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Post: Client Has Not Paid
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Your not a member dumb sh*t . Just a Applicant.
And for your information you call me a a-hole first.
You drew first blood…

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Roy is the one who made a pretty good suggestion about sending your invoice registered with a return receipt. Post 7

You then asked if you had a chance to get paid if the buyer backed out and got the answer, as an opinion: You don’t stand a chance. Post 16.

On the following post, post 17, You then had the brainless-far-fetched idea to turn around and insult the person trying to help you by referring to them as an a-hole.
Just to make sure everybody knew the type of person you are, you went and reported the reply - Which in some eyes may be seen as warranted.

So here’s your solution:

  • Become a member
  • Grow a pair and learn to appreciate someone taking time out of their day to try to help you instead of whining.

Probably first and foremost: Getting a contract signed prior doing a job or service is the first thing! Insulting all others because you don’t like their reply is too bad… boo-hoo! You got yourself in this mess!