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Post: 1-year-old Glen Avon boy drowns in family’s swimming pool
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Thanks for posting this to the moderators. I was going to report but you beat me to it. I sent Ken Delanguillette a personal note that he was going to be reported either by me or someone else. This type of individual does not have a place in our organization or the home inspection business. Hopefully, he will be reprimanded by the Association and admonished from the group. How can his post get to Nick to speed the process up?

This is strike two from this idiot.

If I know Joe Farsetta, it will take less than thirty seconds from the time this comes to his attention to the time that this racist needle dick is out of NACHI.

Not quite…

What does it say about this association when this has been common knowledge for almost a week and nothing has been done? Posts are still up and the Klansman is still a member.

Sad, very sad.

I will definitely be thinking of leaving if not remedied, as I do not wish to lose business over a bigoted association.

This issue is important.

Time for everyone to email Nick and staff.

He’s had his membership revoked and the threads have been removed.