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Post: 72 Virginians
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Posted by: kleonard
Original Content:

John, you’re nuts.

Your joke had Osama as a character and that is what Kev was referring to.

Maybe I am wrong, but I was concerned that someone would
read the comment as a possible threat against the President
by saying “Unfortunately the SOB worthless POS is still alive.”

It does not set right with me and I was concerned. If you want
to put your approval on it, go ahead. Federal law forbids
threats against the President. I would not want the Feds to
see the comment as being said with intent and malice to cause
possible harm.

I did not want a joke to turn into an occasion for anyone to
start making threatening comments. It’s not wise IMHO.

Looks like Bubba has revealed more about his own personal prejudices than what he would like for us to know.:smiley:

If I defend the President against threats, why is that prejudice?
I don’t want anyone to be harmed physically or even threatened
with such a thing.

Mistakenly applying someone’s hatred for bin Laden toward the President could be a Freudian thing…dontcha think, there, Bubba?

Bin Laden?

I do not want to be part of any thread that turns into harmful comments
that could be seen as threatening to the President. That’s just me I guess.
Mock it if you like. That is what you do best.

How do you get a threat against the president out of that thread. Context, context, context.

Mr Larson,

Maybe I am being too careful. Sorry.

Since the first post is gone, now, there is no context. :frowning:


I missed your original post since you took it down and implicated a colleague.

Just what kind of threat did you make against the Prez?

One more example of stupidity run amok on these boards!

I think that if I’m reading this correctly…

John posted a joke.

A reply was made, that could be interpreted as a presidential threat.

In response, John removed his original post that elicited the possible threat.

John then suggested that the poster of the possible threat also remove his post.

Since the poster declined, now John is requesting that the moderators remove that post.

I see no malice, just caution. Those that approve or reject these requests should simply act to either approve the posts, or reject them.

Enough said?

Members are not moderated, though. Member posts fall under the ESOP comittee.

It’s tough to understand, without the context of the original joke.

The original joke was about Osama (as in bin Laden)…John thought a response could somehow be interpreted to be a threat against Obama ( as in Barack)…few of us see the connection but if John sees it then so be it. The original joke is posted on numerous places on the web…just google “72 Virginians”. If you somehow misread “Osama” as “Obama” then the joke makes no sense whatsover…that’s what the references to context were about.

Thanks Michael

Was this the original post/joke?

Ah jeez…now you’ve done it…the Secret Service will be tuning in any minute!

That’s OK, this is in memebrs only. :mrgreen::cool:

I heard they were members…—> :cool::cool::cool: <— (and you thought they were just regular smilies) !!! :smiley:

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