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Post: agents caught breaking the rules
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Posted by: rcooke
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I would ask the ESOP committee the following question.

Is it considered ethical (or even moral) to accuse, by inference a member of the public, who is neither a member of InterNACHI nor in the public domain, of an illegal act without evidence?

It is considered ethical to falsely accuse a members Spouse, Partner or other loved one using false accusations?

The reported post, not properly dealt with, is in my opinion sending a message to the public and inspectors at large. The message is Join InterNACHI and anyone you are associated with is at the mercy of the spite and venom of anyone who chooses, because we won’t do anything about it when it’s raised to our attention.

My wife is now listed in Google searches associated with being a Real-estate agent. In Ontario to suggest one is a Realtor without a License one is subject to a fine of up to $50,000 and or one year imprisonment. She now has to go through the trouble of getting Google to remove all references to the post and subsequent posts by Mr. Cooke.

Len, There is no COE here. Nick has proven that with allowing Roy Cookes signature line. He has allowed InterNachi to become a F U C K I N G joke here in Ontario. I will not be renewing my membership.

No point in getting steamed about it. This is a part of a post from Mr. Cooke in another thread. He obviously gets enjoyment out of doing this.

"…We bait you and away you go throwing false information against me, who cares less about NACHI but sure do love to see you show how silly you really are.
Keep it up lots of fun.

Roy Cooke "

And as a further style of MO:

"Originally Posted by XXXXX

Roy, you are the one who was removed from the #1 home inspection association not me.

Integrity, you lost all of yours the second you asked the membership to nominate you for an award knowingly it was another member who deserved the nomination.

You lack the ability to be fair to INACHI members. "

Don’t expect improvements in his way of doing things… It’s been going on for a while.