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Post: An open letter to the members of NACHI
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Posted by: mlarson
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If you want to join the circle you will have to check with Roy. :wink:

I guess you missed all the posts where Roy lied about me in public and called me all sorts of names.

Shame on you.

Why do we need a code of ethics as I should be able to do what I want…right Mike?

This organization has every right to set it’s own rules.

Don’t confuse government with private entities.

Government is an organization and you must follow the rules or leave.:wink:
Same here ,eh?


Government is a construct and agreement on how we will organize ourselves as a nation of free people.

Our rights don’t come from government.

You are aware that this organization is a one man rule aren’t ya?

We vote for representatives and if you do not like the rules they make you vote them out which does not mean you get to make them up according to personal beliefs MR Moonshiner.:slight_smile:

Pick and choose is not an option.

Shhh! :wink:

Ha ha ha ,the elephant in the room.

You are naive aren’t you?

Moonshine? Never had it.

I think they call that a metaphor Mr deep…yeah yeah ,I know you are not very deep…:slight_smile:

Read a book and learn Bob.

Liberty and Tyranny

Just got done reading enough to know injustice when I see it.
Find me in the comment section.

We had almost the exact same thing happen locally.

The lawyer is suing the town for false imprisonment.

The cop had no evidence of DUI in either case, both had subjective field sobriety tests.

No Breathalyzer or blood draw.

I don’t want to live in a police state, how about you?

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