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Post: Change at OntarioACHI
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Posted by: kwood
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What did I hit a sensitive nerve?
I have been thinking Assigned Moderators this message you see has been on the internet for over a year when you type in OntarioAchi.
Within that Change at OntarioAchi is about all the info you need to see. I am sorry that on occasion I do get a bit rough around the edges and will only stop when the Dictator is removed from influencing Ontario Home Inspectors.
As for my comment about the Doctors this has touched my life and many I do know. Notice I did not lump them all together.

Delete what?

Probably a good Idea for InterNachi to remove this joker also.

How many orgs have you been removed from kevin?

I seriously doubt your antics are tolerated anywhere else.

Well Michael I don’t need to defend against wolves on any other MB. No I have not ever been kicked out of any other firm or MB.
I have been forced to be removed by the Dictator of OntarioAchi and this I am dealing with after waiting some time as requested by the Dictator. No more waiting is needed as they proved without a doubt they too should not lead this people out of bondage.

So when others call you out for bad information and attitudes you call them wolves?


Do you consider yourself a leader?

Beyond the call JJ! Delete it .

He is called out for the false info he provides over at IN as well as here

Did they run him off?

You got a problem with taters?

He is called out there for his BS the same way he is here.

That board is heavily moderated.

I Wonder how many of his posts even make it.

Sent you an email Michael

What a hoot.

How did the woody get from toilet caulking to stair lighting?

My favorite quote from someone giving woody the treatment.


I wanna copy. I wanna copy… :mrgreen:


All that from a Veteran Inspector. LOL

OMG. I thought his stupidity was limited to this forum. Those two threads not only show him to be a true idiot, it taints InterNACHI and all members. What a buffoon. :roll:

To make it worse they are on threads that can be viewed by the public.