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Posted by: kwood
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Is he a moderator /Administrator on that “InterNachi website”?
If not how could he “alter” the website?
Also it would be helpful if you would post the “original” information so that we can do a comparison between the two.

Good! You reported yourself as the soul Dictator of this Algoma Chapter set up for one reason only. I will allow the Group here to make you remove all the rest that you slipped into without permission not to mention making other Chapters as well.
Stain, shame and just not worth me mentioning everything else.
No changes have been made accept what he Dictates outside the InterNachi rules and regulations for Ontario.

Here it is in case you are not following the NFE.
Notice who the editor is.
BTW I am still waiting to have my name removed from this list and also the OntarioAchi list. I want no connections to Len Inkster as if I some how approve of his Dictatorship.

Problem with Algoma and Ontario Chapter have been resolved at least on my list.

Check it now.

This one too Frank.

As far as I can tell it is “clean”.

I see the names of several highly intelligent and very professional home inspector’s on the list.

There are several there that I can show reports about and that is not what I want to be Associated with. Sorry Frank! I do not give anyone permission to populate my name with Other Home Inspectors I have complaints about.
As for InterNachi that is different as the 1000’s out way the few.

So Kevin has admitted (finally) he wanted to be removed from InterNACHI Ontario and OntarioACHI as well as any other InterNACHI chapter that has people in it he doesn’t approve of.

He has publicly stated he doesn’t want to be associated with at least 15 people he regularly abuses in InterNACHI, he doesn’t approve of many more.

He refuses to take direction from both founder members of InterNACHI. I’m confused, is he asking to be removed from InterNACHI too?

Or am I manipulating him into saying all these things? Nope, they are all him.

You just can’t shut up can you Len. The only Association I want no part in is OntarioAchi and the only reason is you. Your puppets I don’t think have control of what to do with you.

What, now you are trying to suppress my right to defend myself. Talk about dictatorship.

You just don’t like it when people take what you’ve said and explain it in terms you actually understand. When you do, you are shocked and realise you’ve been a complete wally but don’t have the gumption to own up to it, or apologise.

This message board is littered with proof of that. Choose a thread.

Defending is what I do. I have been doing it for many many years.

No Kevin, you attack, and you attack needlessly. You attack with lies and deceit. You attack until you’ve forgotten why you are attacking, and then you just revert to name calling.