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Post: Celabrate Canada flag is 50 years
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Posted by: rcooke
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, Sorry I did not put in a Comma at (“NO I am not like you ,[size=2]I do not drink[size=5], or do drugs . [/size][/size]”) see red
WOW he does not like it when He gets a does of his own Medicine .

Vey interesting ,LEN has challenged me frequently over my use of words and my spelling sad to see a grown man carry on the way he does .
He does not help many then when I offer info he comes and corrects my word usage . Roy Cooke

I offered Len a chance to settle this Quietly . He did not take up my offer .**The offer is now withdrawn sorry Len to bad so sad .
**I said lets all remove our posts and carry on .

His first attack was my Post on Canada celebrating the 50 Years of the new Canadian Flag .
He has constantly ridiculing my spelling .
Unfortunately Lens attacks have gone on for some time . Also My Name is Roy Cooke

Roy Cooke,

  1. I never “attacked” your first post, just gave you advice on copyright laws in Canada and the U.S. which you appeared oblivious to.
  2. I am not ridiculing your spelling, I am helping you by correcting it for you, as you have done many times in the past.
  3. As can be seen from the number of posts on this website, your ability to attack outweighs most, and far outweighs anything I’ve done.
  4. All my comments have been either instructional, supportive or corrective. Yours are downright rude, ignorant and offensive.
  5. Just because you throw out a few comments now and then, it is not “helping” anyone when you continually bring our profession into disrepute with outlandish and unsupportable accusations, slanted viewpoints and biased diatribe.
  6. They say in the financial world, “past performance is no guarantee of future results” so harping on about how great you WERE does not do you any favours when your current actions show you are about as far removed from a role model as one could possibly get.
  7. As it was you who started by using foul language, antagonistic behaviour, and an aggressive stance to what was just advice, you shouldn’t expect anyone to play nice.
  8. When you come to your senses, realise what you said, and apologise, then, and only then might I remove my posts, until then let them stand as an example of the fact that you are nothing more than an egotistical grumpy old sod with a vengeful streak.

Calm down children or I’ll have to take the TV away for a month…

Hmmm… We’re passed TV grounding…

Time to take out the paddles and dish out some whoopin’!

Not exactly… Here is your original post:

Originally Posted by rcooke View Post
Please see post number 33 … We can all remove or Carry one your choices .

The problem is You attacking constantly and trying to justify these attacks with completely False statements!

If you don’t want to associate with OntarioACHI, perfect! In that case, stay out of the way! You know absolutely zip about what’s going on as this information is available to Members.

Being a vengeful and frustrated child and throwing vitriolic tantrums because you can’t get something, which would invariably result in it being incorrectly reported by you to make trouble, is what you are portraying.

Try being truthful in your posts for a change, as this might get you further ahead.