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Mark. It says that you are a New User. Are you a paying member of INACHI yet? If you haven’t paid, then that would be why it says User instead of Member. Otherwise try getting a hold of Nick or Chris Morrell.

(Obviouse, I know)… make sure you are signed in… upper right corner.

This is from one of your past posts… You state that you are not a home inspector. Have you become a “Home Inspector” since then?

  • Have you passed the NACHI tests and filled all of the requirements?

If you have… I suggest that you contact Nick Gromicko or Lisa at NACHI HQ. so that they can correct your file / information. :stuck_out_tongue:

9/2/09, 3:07 PM
Mark Easter
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Re: Clarksville Home Inspection
I will admit that I’m not a home inspector, so I don’t know all about the liabiity issues.


I did pass the test and filled the requirments. I did pay the membership fee, but not in June. I paid in Sept. I think this has been corrected.

I guess I should more correctly say I am a home inspector in training.

Welcome and good luck.

I’m glad we got that straightned out. Good Luck in the inspection business.