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This is lame! there’s no decision here. This is nothing more than hiding from the issue.

No one needs to be expelled. The thread in the general section needs to be removed! Period! It doesn’t belong there and even thought it is so called password protected, members who normally stay away from NFE can view it. They see it unassumingly because of it’s disguised title congratulating another member. Who the hell is Mr. Bushart to decide what other members see by disguising the title?

If you want to remove the NFE thread also then DO IT! Who cares? Just put an end to the 8th grade Bull**it. The pictures may be vulgar, but at least they are in the NFE area.

There’s your decision. Everyone should be equally pissed off now. Just put an end to the crap!

The only use of the word “porn” comes from Larson in the public area. My descriptions of the photograph were accurate. My references to my opinion of the photo depicting child snuff porn were limited to areas of the board that are normally (like NFE) not available to the public.

John…a collection can be one picture that you “collected” while surfing the net looking at those God-awful things for whatever you derived from it.

Have a good weekend, everyone.

I have no collection of nude child photos. Never have and never will.
My cache cleans itself automatically. I posted an abortion photo
in a thread about abortion in the NFE section.

You lied about me with the intent to damage me in the “public forum”
and this is a violation of the COE. Your pios cloak does not cover
your intent to slander with lies and cause damage to a fellow member.

Does someone want to tell him what the police find on computers that have been cleaned?

Poor, poor Bubba.

You said I have a collection of nude child photos. That is an lie
and you said in public with the intent to cause damage to me
as a fellow member of interNACHI. This is a violation of the

The police can look at me and my computer all day. I have
nothing to hide. Your attempt to carry this into the public
forum and spead lies about me is your attempt to damage
me. You have carried into the public with lying, not me.

And your carefully chosen words in your “Congratulations Thread” left no doubt as to what you were saying in the NFE thread.

Compared to the photo that you say is appropriate for NFE, my words which passed NACHI’s filtering software are relatively mild and reserved for members only.

You are the only one to publicly use the word “porn” to describe the photo. That’s between you and John McKenna. It has nothing to do with me.

I don’t hear him complaining but unlike you I will will edit my post in the public area if he wants.

You nothing but a bully with a grudge.

I have two four year old daughters home with me every afternoon. I certainly spend my fair share of time on the NFE. It’s amazing that they have never seen the content of the NFE, even the bestiality that Joe posts.

Maybe I’m just more responsible?

I deleted the photo and added a link to a less graphic photo of an abortion.

James must now delete all his threads and promise to stop spreading lies
about me in public.

If the COE board will not hear my cause, then I see they will allow James
to slander and lie about a fellow members… because he sits on that same
COE board.


Post whatever you want verbally regarding the outrage of abortion. I applaud you. Just please temper the content of the photos. That’s all I ask.

And, no, there is no double standard. We have all weathered the storm of criticizm and slander on the message board through the years.

We have debated it, screamed about it, demanded changes.

There were times when Frank M and Jim fought on the same side. There were times when Mike Larson and Jim fought for a common cause. There were times when all of them lined up on the same side of an issue.

And then there was this.

Truly unfortunate and totally unnecessary.

Thank you. I will delete my posts in the public forum.

On a side note, the police advised me with a follow-up call, after viewing the actual photo (not the new one linked) that if I had a copy of it on my computer, I should immediately delete it.

I am passing this on.

They are performing their investigation and have no duty to inform me of anything, so we will all have to wait and see what comes of this.

I hope that we all hear nothing from this point on.

Now, John…you were invited to provide your evidence of some kind of improper contact you are alleging that I had with your daughter. Did you take this to the police yet? If not, why not? Don’t you, as a father, have a duty to protect your daughter from a known internet predator? If you fail to contact the police, don’t you go to jail for reckless endangerment? Better get on that, Bubba. Since you have made this charge…you do realize that a tremendous burden of proof comes with it. Although the timing of your charge is suspicious, you will be able present evidence that I…not the mass spammers of “Facebook”…actually sent some kind of email. Right?

Good luck with that one, too.

As long as photos that a single member finds objectionable remain there is indeed a double standard being applied.

Yes we have debated and been on the same and opposite sides but I fail to see why one James Bushart can insist on having a photo removed and succeed while being allowed to disparage a member and his business.

This sets a very poor precedent and enshrines Bushy as the real message board cop.

Sure does. More of the same from the same jerkoff that cries like a little girl when he don’t get his way. JB you are a joke.

Ding, Ding, Round two!:mrgreen::mrgreen:

You just can’t control yourself can you?

You lie, distort, obfuscate, threaten, and and then play the victim and gloat.

You’re a piece of sleeze.

What a despicable fraud you truly are. :(:mad::mad::mad::mad:

By the way…when the detective read this…he was not amused. You might be Bubba’s pal…but you didn’t help his case very much.


Hey blow it out your ***, photos of nude children are illegal, ****ing a duck is a lifestyle choice. :twisted::p:mrgreen::p:twisted:

Except when its in the New York Times. Enjoy your dick(I mean duck)

		 		     	 		 	  	                 **Tuesday, October  13, 2009**

                              ** 	  	 Life: New York Times prints photos of abortion  victims  	      **

   	          	       []( important event happened over the weekend in the  pro-life movement:

On Saturday, the New York Times included a front-page, above-the-fold news story that presents a strangely fair portrayal of pro-life advocates who engage in street activism.
Meanwhile, the Times’ Photography, Video, and Visual Journalism online section features a photo montage showing the pictures of babies who died in abortions {warning, leads to graphic material}. {Accompanying video report here - also includes graphic images.}

LOL. Only a pervert would see “child porn” in a medical photo depicting an atrocity.