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Post: Donald Trump launches war on Paul Ryan, slams Republican Party
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Stay out of then NFE

As it clearly states, its not for everyone.

Instead of incorrectly complaining about private posts in a forum designed for just that, perhaps if you minded your own business people would not publicly complain about you - undermining your credibility.

Jennifer Smoot-Young
4 months ago
My inspector failed to point out that the plumbing in the home was polybutylene pipes. Polybutylene pipes are known to cause major plumbing disasters. The pipes are uncovered and clearly visable, yet they were not notated on my inspection report. My realtor reached out to the owner of ProTech. He promised to call me to arrange a date & time to inspect again. I never received this call. I have made several attempts to speak to the owner, but I am always given an excuse of why he could not currently speak to me. I am always told that he is aware of this situation and will call me back but the call never comes. This has been going on for more than 3 months. Really??? This is totally unacceptable!!!

Wendy Frazier
[COLOR=#999]a year ago-
If I could give no stars, then I would. The home we bought had little cards out that said to not turn on the water because the water was turned off. I told our inspector that I suspected a leak because of the cards. He didn’t find anything. He didn’t test all of the bathrooms, because as soon as we moved in and started using the bathroom, it leaked throughout our family room ceiling. The basement doors had evidence of water damage. I told the inspector that I highly suspected a current leak. The basement is finished with a bathroom. He didn’t find anything. He also should have known that a basement with a finished bathroom would need a septic ejector pump or a sump pump. He never noted that he didn’t find one, which tells me that he didn’t know it needed one although that it common knowledge for someone who inspects homes. It was walled up inaccessible which is not up to building code. It was not operating. The first time the tub was used, it flooded our entire basement with us having to pay $3,500 and that is with insurance. The air conditioner also went out. This company didn’t find three major issues, even with me saying that I suspected something was wrong with all of them. I do NOT recommend this company and wouldn’t to my worst enemy[/COLOR]

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Hey Marshall,

From your site

Whose 100 Day Widget costs $127 to buy?


We’ll probably never hear from Marshall again.

Probably? I think Wayne scared him off! :wink:

It would still be interesting to know who sells the 100 Day Widget Warranty for $127?

uh huh :roll:

It’s probably a typo. … $12.70. :wink: