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Post: solid state refrigeration tech
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Posted by: jdeoliveira2
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This is the second post Larson has made
Calling this post as Spam .

I disagree

solid state refrigeration tech

Go away trouble maker.

Its pure spam devoid of content.

Your letter looks to me to be devoid of content .

Brain fart old man?

I find it sad to see this educated person lacks the ability to be polite .

Take your passive aggressive bull crap and place up your back side.

Damn… You still alive??

JJ are you?

Isn’t the OP a member? They have the right to post. No moderation of members.

Gosh Steve your right , I wonder if there is a reason Mikey is upset with the OP . Nah it couldn’t be upset . Mikey is fair and balanced .:roll:

uckturd Mikey Larsenous was crying cause I posted some funny images of Trump

What a faggie douche LOL

Out in the genpop again?

You must be quite the miserable inspector Mickkee with your substandard understanding of all things electrical.:roll:

Larsonous failed the InterNACHI electrical exam -

and then cried about it to Ben G:lol:[/size]

Are you going to ask me to prove it again mykee?
I have saved screen shots of the evidence, and you will not be able to have that post deleted without hacking InterNACHI, since Ben Gromicko responded to your whining.

That is a lie.

As is typical you are wrong.

My “whine” as you call it was to help Ben improve the presentation by Paul so the photos could be seen in high rez.

But don’t let the facts stand in your way of making a fool of yourself.


Some one once told me every inspector knows what he is worth. Proven once again.

Way to go John. Thanks for the laughs.

Inspection Prices - Home Sight Inspection

Your saying it is a lie is a lie.:roll:

You sounded like a whiny *****. You were ‘helping’ because Michael Larson failed the exam. :stuck_out_tongue:


Now you are stating you had trouble seeing what is on your computer screen. That contradicts what your text implied. Will post what you wrote later, for everyone to judge for themselves.

Many people watched the same video, took the same test. There was nothing that required above average vision to view, that is not how InterNACHI works, they do not make things difficult for it’s members and everyone knows that.

You are a snowflake:lol:

You are undoubtedly deficient in basic electrical inspection knowledge:roll:, and in addition are somewhat blind:roll:. Your clients are to be pitied.:frowning:

Not taking sides here as I don’t have first hand knowledge, BUT, I know you to be a scumbag liar through my own interactions with you on this MB.

So… if you have proof as you state, ie. ‘screen grabs’, post em for all to see, or STFU!!