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Posted by: John L. Harrison
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Do we put posts by ALL vendors in spam? I have seen threads started by many…

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He is NOT a legit NACHI vendor so I say… send him to the Spam Section! :stuck_out_tongue:

Who approved his post?

I did, feed me to the wolves now please. Sorry, I checked his link at the time and assumed it was broken and got busy with something, did not realize that it was really SPAM. My apologies, but thanks for making sure we blame the moderator again. Can’t wait to have this discussion AGAIN.

So…a vendor with a worthy product who does NOT pay NACHI in advance…is “spam”? Who started this nonsense?

Spam has been used for advertisers of non-home inspecting related products…not cameras or other tools. What if they offer a better deal? NACHI members should be denied the ad?

Who appointed moderators for that kinda crap? I thought you guys were “protecting me” from nasty words and banned members.

Doo Dah Doo Dah!

so this is what the great Nachi message board has come to…Sweet…with all of the crap that has been on here in the last year…Just what in the Hell was wrong with this guys post???You guys are amazing…have fun with this…wonder why so few post here anymore???,think about it…

Take a “Chill Pill”… the world is not coming to an end!:wink:

It appears to be a legitimate post by a newbie asking for advice on what camera to start out with. Until he tries to start pushing camera on everyone or posting links to deals, then it should be treated as such. Give the guy a chance to post again before you condem him to the banned list for asking a question. Most newbies probably have been reading the board for a while but have been afraid to chime in until they want to ask a question on how to get started. Give the guy a break for now. Maybe his link was a bad link or something.

Nothing IMHO

I just hadn’t seen a reported post for a long time and wanted to see if the system still worked.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

BTW- Is it time to drop the silly moderation thing yet?

Has anyone noted how few non members post here anymore.

Especially the more helpful ones.

YUP… No more nasty banned members! Ray Wand seems to have faded to an ugly distant memory!:stuck_out_tongue:

As much as I would like to “play” I have some SERIOUS studying to do… so… bye for now…

See Ya later.\:D/

I’m chiled Frank, just waiting for this thread to turn into another long ugly d…r…a…w…n out debate about…


Ray Wand & his cohorts are truly missed!:stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t worry… I ma sure that your wish will come true… :roll:

See ya after Wednesday! :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Scott. My take also is that he is a newbie looking for advice on a camera he found online.

I guess time and future posts will tell…


I emailed john with my opinion of the camera and told him where to get it even cheaper.

I also asked him to post again.

Care to share the info here?

Good. If he is a newbie, who knows, he could have valuable insight/information that is always wanted/needed here. Everyone has something to contribute. We just don’t know what Johns’ is yet.

No more Mark Shunk, Speedy Petey, and the others who helped in the electrical section. Missing many more givers of great advice in other phases of home inspection, as well.

I’ve taken everything concerning iNACHI from my web-site–I don’t want my clients coming in here. Also, I haven’t paid my dues and will soon be removed from the rolls.

Then I will just wander off into the darkness while the strains of “Danse Macabre” fill the air as I slowly shrink into the great beyond.

Hmmm…I wonder if there’s a peanut stand out there???

Hey Russel…Russel Ray…wait up!! I’ll walk along a little way with you…

Too many mental midgets wanting to decide what others should read.

Ban the moderators…and all will be well.

Censorship will kill this message board.

Yes…many of us have noticed it, Mike.