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Hey! Watch it!! I happen to be a mental midget and I don’t appreciate being degraded like that!!!:wink:

However, I usually enjoy being degraded in other ways…:roll::roll:

You are a sick sick man.:twisted:
Gotta love it.

Pay your dues cheapo.

What makes you say that? :wink:

Right now we have 58 registered visitors averaging about 5 or 6 post per hour. :shock:


Is it 4:00 a.m. already?:wink:

I told John I use a Canon and like them but some have complained about the lens jamming.

I also told him it was cheaper at Amazon.

It must be in Nachi Land.

I will let you know how the camera I bought tonight works out.
Got that Nikon S60.
The screen paint feature seems much faster than my Sony T 300.
Just wish it was in stock other than red.

Chris said any non-member can be nominated by a member for
the status of a “helpful non-member” and could post without
moderation. Contact Chris with your nominations. (I hope he
has this set up by now).

He has because I nominated John Bubber and he has posted.

Don’t sweat it, Ian…it’s the natural order around here now…someone reports a post…then the “moderators” start yelling and wanting to know who approved the post…moderators wanting to moderate the other moderators!! It is WAYYYY past the point of comical…

You read the post, you didn’t see anything wrong with it, so you approved it. That is your option as a moderator. Let them whine about it.

It is much like nuclear war…the only winning move is not to play!:frowning:

And… just when I thought this thread was over … here they come…:roll:

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Unless this guy starts posting links to cameras all over the place, let’s assume he’s just asking about cameras.