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Post: Containerized Housing Unit
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Posted by: Joe Tedesco
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Why?.. Because… This is a “Technical” thread.

And he doesn’t belong here.

By your answer I am guessing you approved the post.

If so you are abusing your moderator position by willingly approving a suspended member and I ask that you resign as a moderator.

It’ gotta be Obama’s fault

Is he a moderator?:shock:

moderator: 2**:** one who presides over an assembly, meeting, or discussion: as a**:** the presiding officer of a governing body

One of his many talents. :mrgreen:

I agree. Joe has been banned from this message board. The board moderators should not allow (and certainly not “approve”) his posts.

and now he’s dredging up all of his BS posts from years ago - and someone is allowing it?

The moderator allowing his posts should be relieved of their position. This is EXACTLY the type of abuse that board-moderation lends itself to.

How about it, Frank. You wanted to be a moderator and now it requires that you delete the posts of a dear friend.

Will you be loyal to your duties as a moderator…or will you be loyal to your friend, Joe Tedesco?

This is simple… Treat it like a math problem…

I approved a post by an “EX” member who posted a STRICTLY TECHNICAL thread.

YOU do not approve:shock:… Report me to Nick;-)

WORTH REPEATING!:stuck_out_tongue:

I approved a post by an “EX” member who posted a STRICTLY TECHNICAL thread.

YOU do not approve:shock:… Report me to Nick;-)

For ALL of your hysterical people…… As far as I know I am following “The letter of the law / Nick’s Instructions” to the 1st batch of Moderators.

In order to clarify his initial instructions…. I have sent the links to the single thread in question to Nick to ask for confirmation.

Also…… Joe Tedesco has made four {4} posts. I did NOT approve the 1st two posts but … I see NOTHING wrong in them!

  • Also… I do NOT see ANY attacks / slander or NACHI bashing in any of the four posts!
  • If I did… or if Mario did …. They would NOT have been approved!

In the meantime…… I do not see that any HARM has been to a SINGLE person who has read the thread in question.

So…… Sleep tight and have sweet dreams!

When I get a response “From the Powers that Be” I will let you know!

Frank, you are wrong.

Joe Tedesco dishonored himself attacked members of NACHI and subsequently had his account and posting privileges removed.

He violated the COE repeatedly and has no business posting on this message board.

I admire your loyalty but in this case it is blind.

You should resign immediately from moderating this MB. Period.

I was part of that first “batch” of moderators, and I don’t remember where Nick instructed us to approve posts of someone who is BANNED from the message board…kinda makes the point of banning someone mute, doesn’t it!:shock:

Frank knows this is bull5hit, but feels he is beyond reproach. This is his own personal agenda and it’s exactly why he took the position as a moderator.

Frank, you are wrong. Michael, you are wrong as well - this is not loyalty and certainly not to be admired.

I’ve been wrong before and will be again.:shock:

To be clear, I admire Franks loyalty to his friend Joe.

I also agree with you that Frank has a personal agenda and IMHO he is wielding power inappropriately.

Frank should do the honorable thing and step down from his moderator position.

Frank will not step down. He has a position of “perceived” power, and will continue to abuse it until he is removed. This is a true reflection of his character.

For the Record:

Joe Tedesco has been expelled from InterNACHI twice, the last time for making telephone calls to a member’s employer attempting to have him fired from his job. Mr. Tedesco is unbalanced and should not be engaged in conversation on the message board.

Until such time that the moderators who are approving his posts have been replaced or have been given additional instruction to refrain from authorizing his posts, members are warned that this person identifying himself as Joe Tedesco has been known to stalk and harass NACHI members…off the message board, involving their wives and their employers…and should not be involved in converation.

Until such time that the Chairman of the Ethics Committee can arrange to have them deleted, all posts from Joe Tedesco should be ignored.

Cut and paste the above in response to any Tedesco post until Joe Farsetta can get them deleted. He is disappointed that members of the ESOP Committee would be involved in aiding and abetting Mr. Tedesco’s violation of his ban from the message board.

Are you sure it is not Wand doing this to start trouble? He did this on another thread? Don’t get mad, I am just asking.

Give a little man a little power, and he will abuse it every time.

Moderation has killed this message board, as predicted…put a fox in the hen house and he will have chicken for supper every time! :shock: