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What difference does it make? They are all banned.

Moderation is a bad idea, as proven in this thread and others.

So far…with moderation…we have Canadians “wanking” each other in about every forum while banned members post with the Moderator’s consent, if they are pals.

If the board were not already seriously damaged by this, it would be worth arguing about. As it is already dying, personally, I don’t think it really matters anymore. Still…Tedesco is a sick bastard and people need to be warned before they challenge him in anything he publishes. He will call your wife when you are not home…and call your boss when you are.

I actually attempted to start a new post on this forum but was told I was blocked. So how dows one report a post?

With regard to Joe tedesco, he should not be allowed to post on the message board, and IMO, current posts should have not been approved.

In Joe’s case, moderation is not the issue; access is.

Absent of the ability to delete his posts (it matters not if they are benign, harassing, or helpful) the best one can hope for is toimprove things
moving forward.

Joe T self destructed no fewer than two times on this very board. The last encounter was utterly distasteful, mean, and vindictive.

Joe has got to be shut down and posts deleted or mangled…

Mr. Carrio,

Will you now resign as moderator?

I approved a total of 3 posts from Joe T. I approved two posts knowing it was Joe T. and one by mistake after I was reminded why Joe T. was banned from NACHI. I have forgotten the reason why Joe T. was banned from NACHI (his second time), I was later reminded by Michael L. and more recently by Joe F. His actions were deplorable; I apologize to the members, and more specifically, to Paul Abernathy for allowing these posts to go through to our MB.
In a private e-mail with Nick G. and Frank C. we were given approval to allow posts made by Joe T. on this MB, however, I believe Nick has also forgotten the reason why Joe T. was banned from NACHI. I’m quite sure that if reminded he would never approve posts made by Joe T.
I urge Frank C. and other moderators not to allow further posts or threads made by Joe T. on our MB



You are confused James. There are no “Wankers” on the Canadian section of our MB. There is however a known “WANKER” attempting to use our MB using goofy names such as RAYMOND WANKER WAND.:shock:

BTW Moderation is working just fine all things considered. This MB has not been damaged in anyway IMO. It’s not an easy job James, why don’t you try it.


You have acted honorably and explained yourself well.

I hope that the private email from you and Carrio to Nick did not imply any representation of the ESOP Committee.

Only as members and moderators.

It should be noted that Mr. Bushart speaks without-any-authority as a representative for the Code of Ethics Committee or for the NACHI message board moderators.

  • He is just… giving his “Personal Opinion”!

As for myself I am speaking as a duly authorized moderator who has through both e-mails and telephone conversations been in touch with our founder and the owner of NACHI!

Quote Bushart:
Until such time that the moderators who are approving his posts have been replaced or have been given additional instruction to refrain from authorizing his posts.
End Quote:

This sentence is “stacked” against the moderator {s} because it states that “we” should be given additional instructions to refrain from authorizing his posts!

Nowhere does this state that we-have-instructions to let this technical post go through!

That being said… I have just spoken to “The Powers That Be”… Nick Gromicko… Who has once again, and I repeat once again stated that this post by Joe Tedesco should be allowed.

Nick Gromicko just told me that …

*"Joe Tedesco has been in the electrical industry since he was 18 years old. When it comes to anything electrical Joe is considered an expert in his field and is brilliant. *

  • His Technical Posts should be allowed to go through as they will only add to and or enhance our knowledge as home inspectors.
  • *All of us could really learn from Joe. *

Besides… Joe Tedesco was Never* Permanently** Banned from the message board."*

So the bottom line is you have;

  1. The owner of NACHI saying that it is okay for Joe Tedesco to post on message board.

  2. The owner of NACHI telling and authorizing a moderator {me} to let Joe Tedesco’s technical threads go through.

  3. A person who is ranting and raving about “the messageboard dying because it is being moderated” desperately trying to moderate the board!
    All of you should feel free to answer any technical questions that might arise from this thread.

The high level of “Technical interaction” is what has made this message board such an important part of a Home Inspectors industry!

Many of us are proud of the fact that both members and inspectors from other associations from all over the United States come to our message board seeking the technical knowledge and expertise that is readily available on our truly unique and valuable message board.


Mario gets it. How long until you do?


According to the Chairman of the Ethics Committee, Tedesco is banned from posting on this message board.

As a moderator, you have a duty to comply…regardless of your personal feelings to the contrary. Your inability to put aside your personal feelings is what disqualifies you as a moderator and is why your resignation has been requested.

Tedesco is a stalker…who has made rude, late night/early morning telephone calls to wives of more than one member. He also attempted to get a member fired from his government inspection job by phone as he referred to posts that the employee made on this message board.

Tedesco might know the code…so what? He has been expelled from the membership because of his actions and you have no right to circumvent the actions of those who have acted to protect the members by keeping that sicko off of our message board.

Your actions have actually opened the door for an ethics complaint against you, as a co-conspirator, should Tedesco reach out of his darkness to harass anyone else.

Keep the SOB off of the message board as the ESOP Committee intended by banning him and expelling him. Put your personal feelings aside.

Jim… See your post # 27…

I hope that the private email from you and Carrio to Nick did not imply any representation of the ESOP Committee.
End Quote:

Mr. Bushart, It should be noted and made clear to all that you are not authorized to speak for the entire ESOP committee!

  • You sure as hell do not speak for the NACHI moderators!

I certainly have not given up my right to speak for myself nor have I authorized you to speak for me!

You are just one person voicing your own “personal opinion” based on your personal feelings!

My best advice to you is to get down from your horse and stop charging the wind mills!:roll:

You are also speaking strictly for yourself…and not the Ethics Committee.

The Ethics Committee spoke when it threw out and banned the SOB that you keep publishing on the message board.

In that vain…you have put your own opinions over those who have banned the person you promote.

The only "personal feelings"in this entire episode are yours! And I repeat they are YOURS!

For a person who was always screaming about “moderation” you seem to be beyond hysterical about a simple technical thread posted on the message board!

Now… you want to silence and moderate the moderators who will not do what you want!

If you can’t silence me or forced me to do what you wantyou want me to resign:roll:


Read this carefully and see if you are in violation.


As stated in previous e-mails to ESOP members, I am not in favor of moderators also serving on this committee. My reasons are many, but primarily as we do not need to be dragged into the “who deleted my post” discussion, nor the “he has a vendetta against me” thing, nor “what can you expect from a member of ESOP”.

Therefore, there will be some strict rules for those wanting to serve dual roles as an ESOP member and a moderator.

Also, I do not want our actions subject to second guessing or sniping from our detractors.

Therefore, the rules are quite simple…

No member of this committee may moderate, or cause to be moderate, any post… with the following specific and limited exceptions:

A post from a banned poster can be automatically deleted by any ESOP moderator, providing that a record of the deletion is logged and distributed to members of this committee.

A slanderous, inflammatory, defamatory, threatening post from a MEMBER may be temporarily deleted by an ESOP moderator, only after an independent complaint is logged with us and the committee decides that the post or thread should be taken down until such time as the complaint is investigated. In those specific cases, Nick and Chris shall be notified as to the nature of the complaint and why this committee decided to remove the post or thread.



Before we began to censor members on the message board with people like you, who think they are capable of telling others what is of value to read and what is not, the ESOP Committee banned Ray Wand and Joe Tedesco…two expelled members who stalk their prey and use the message board and other tools to cause harm to their victims.

We expected InterNACHI to be able to support that ban to protect the members from sickos.

Nowhere in the wildest imagination of anyone…did anyone think that by appointing moderators…we would have banned members thrust back upon us because the moderator thought it would be a good phlucking idea.

You have proven why you should not be a moderator (for those who actually required the proof. Most of us didn’t).

Moderate on, dear Frank.

Just keep the banned people off of the message board or you will find yourself in as much trouble as they are the NEXT time they cause harm to someone.

The message is quite clear! I have not violated any rules or regulations!

I also went one step further and … I E-Mailed and the phoned the owner and the founder of our Association Nick Gromicko for clarification.

Earlier today when I read the post from the more emotional and hysterical people who were calling for my resignation I placed a phone call to him and his response was “Clear & To The Point!”

I posted his response for all to read!:stuck_out_tongue:

Did you contact Joe Farsetta, the Ethics committee chairman?

All moderators should resign from that position, Frank.

Your being the worst among them, not withstanding.