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Post: Home inspection regulation is quebec next???
Forum: Canadian Inspectors
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Posted by: ryoung7
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More of Michaels bunk .
He just has to try and start trouble as per usual ,shows just how jealous he is .
I guess you should take this too the ESOP .

I spoke truth Roy.

Sorry you can’t handle it.

Every post of Raymond’s was removed from this message board at his expulsion.

I think that was wrong but it is what happened.

Try to be honest Roy. I know it is hard for you.

You know it makes me so happy to see Michael L show how upset he gets when ever he finds one of my posts.
I get a chuckle to see how hard he tries to upset me .
It is so obvious how extremely jealous he is of me .
By the way Michael Ray Wand wishes you a long Life .

Roy I thought you ha me on ignore.

I guess you got bored again.

Tell Raymond to pound sand.


I try not to tell others what they should do .

I took you off to see if you trying to be a nice guy or ???


Have you apologized for lying about me?

Why not tell all what I am to have said about you .

You sound just like Thornberry.:roll:

Originally Posted by mlarson

Have you apologized for lying about me?*

Why not tell all what I am to have said about you .

Yep, just like Thornberry.

No ability it admit fault.:frowning:

There is Mike …stooping low again.
You must be bored outta your head !
Go drink a beer and come back with something better.

Michael [FONT=Verdana][/FONT]
Are you one who has voted then great we all appreciate you.
If you have not voted now would be good time to look at the pictures that have been posted .
The awards committee and many members have put their time and effort into this.
The best way we know if you appreciate what is done is by seeing the number of Votes .
Please help us by voting … Thanks … Roy

Gee mike I am very, very, very sorry .
** Please except my apology.**
Now will you please tell me what I am apologizing for .

Roy Cooke UE

Telling the truth is not low but then you can’t seem to understand.

Why apologize to him?
He will figure you are in some sort of conspiracy with the elite .
He wakes up in the morning with fear and goes to bed at night with the thoughts someone is out to get him.
poor soul…notice the lower case.
Sick Fu**er
He even had the gall to tell me my days were numbers.Maybe in other words .
However, in actually he is correct.
Don’t waste your time Roy.

Um Micheal Robert is a memeber so you know this means nothing but you already knew that. Just a reminder Members can not be moderated

I think it has to do with attention Wayne. :wink: :slight_smile:

How about that Mike (“Why Can’t We Be Friends” )

Mike did you vote yet???