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Post: More on Home Inspector Licensing
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Posted by: mkyriacou
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What an idiot.

This is most likely Raymond Wand who now has a new toy.

To be heard he just signs in with a new account and reports a post as a non member.

Of course once the post is reported he can no longer see what happens to it but he gets his jollies in knowing that members are viewing his latest diatribe.

He is one sick individual.

I ask the Chris Morell to remove the ability of non members to report posts.

Of course this could all be avoided if Chris and Nick would institute some simple verification procedures when new MB accounts are created.:roll:

Agree he must not be to busy

Moron Mario

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Hey, guys.

How’s the moderation thing working out? Pretty good, huh?

You gotta love it.

Well, I’m feeling rather moderate.:roll::roll:

This SOB never quits, he is like the Eveready battery. Just for the member’s information, the gutless wand has access to this MB from a NACHI member that has supposedly resigned. This inspector is still listed as a member and I think Nick gave him a life membership, he no longer posts here but I’m sure he visits as well. He uses his username and password to lurk at everything that is posted here and in other member sections.
Having met the wand I knew right away there was something odd about this SOB. Having said that, you would never know that such a frail, short man is capable of attempting to destroy people’s livelihood or their reputations. It appears that this little fag has more time on his hands than normal working inspectors. Remember that this little MF’s sole purpose here is to discredit hard working and honest members. Don’t fall prey to his posts as I have in the past, the best method to rid this sub-human MF is to avoid any response.

BTW This MF applied to the Provincial Police Department for a job as a cop! I guess their psychological testing really works, they weeded him out fast!
The wand has issues gentlemen; don’t make his issues your issues. I ask that all posts be deleted from this thread…please. Not getting the attention will destroy the wand. I will delete this message tonight.

Thanking you all in advance!

Require a valid credit card number to post here, if it is an abusive post, charge a $50 handling fee for the time it takes to remove said post. Make them pay to play.

I agree, if this is the sytem we are going to use, non-members should NOT be able to report a post. this reported post is the perfect reason why not. Nothing wrong with it, just someone trying to be a wise *****.

Any ideas?

So what do you want moderators to do ,Cant not do anything to a post in the reported post section not our fault,. System does have it’s problems. Just like everything else in the world. Ok back to my arm chair like everyone else. HMMMM what to do, Oh I will solve world hungry next!

I take it that you over did the fiber again? :mrgreen:

Yes, I have an idea . . .
Why not take away posting privelages from all non-members.

Why do we have ?

It is moderated. Will prevent abusive posts.
Yes create an affiliate membership for those non-inspector professionals who apply for it, after verification that they are who they claim.
Anybody can research a business on the net to see if legit.

If this is to remain a “public” Message board, let’s show a little professionalism by having some safeguards in place to prevent these I’ll just keep signing in under a new user to discredit and belittle NACHI. It seems the bashers intent is to cause internal conflict, and is working.

Last I checked the town “On Marios Back” does not exist in Canada or the United States. Chris, how about writing a script to verify a new users zipcode and town? The first step of many that is needed to protect Nachi’s integrity. JMO.

I think this is the best thing that has happen.
I finally feel like the board is a place for education, and
usefully info.

The Moron Mario account actually never got fully “created.” It was waiting approval, but apparently the forum software still lets users waiting for approval “report” posts. I’m looking into ways to fix this, but it’s going to require modifying the message board’s source code (not just changing a setting). Regardless, “Moron Mario” was never allowed to post—the forum automatically creates a post in this section when someone uses the “report post” feature.

Sorry about the confusion.