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Make a complaint if you have the balls for it.

I sad nothing untruthful or incorrect.

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Well Nathan Members can not be moderated . so there you have it a benefit of being a member

Wayne is correct. Members aren’t moderated.

Correct Wayne.

If the reported post is by an InterNACHI member:

InterNACHI does not moderate member posts on its message board. There are only two reasons that a reported member’s post will be acted upon:

  1. If a member’s post could negatively reflect on InterNACHI as an association or a large portion of its membership, that post may be moved to a section of the message board that is not visible to the public. If you think a post should be moved, indicate why.
  2. If a member’s post violates InterNACHI’s Code of Ethics, InterNACHI’s Ethics and Standards of Practice Committee can determine if that post should be deleted and if any further action should be taken against that member. If you think a post violates the COE, please ask a member of the ESOP Committee to review the post.

Does anyone except nothon think my post was a problem?

I really want to hear others perspectives.

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As a non home inspector my advice to you would be, stay out of asknachi.

Your spin on managing client’s expectations is laughable.

Nathan has managed his client expectations 100 percent whether you or I like his products is irrelevant.

Option 1.
I would take it up with the ethics , Or Nick Moderators can do nothing on this as far as i know.
Option 2. Consider where it comes from :wink:

As I do with you Wayne. :roll:

Now that really bothers me lolol. thats if i cared what you thought. How ever I don’t. :mrgreen:. You are still the great one you think you are .

let’s not forget what the self proclaimed OZ Thornberry stated:

Do you all agree with him?

Not my fight
I do not use the service
Nathan is a member
And some people are acting like little kids
If you feel like you have to be on a crusade so be it. I guess you ran out of people to argue over Obama with
I do my job and that’s all i worry about

Pop Quiz on the topic:

Who said this:

I agree and would like to add that a washed up used house salesman/vendor has no business offering advice in this area of the message board. Thanks, hope this helps.:wink:

Honestly, is this any worse than an individual asking me about my working status as an inspector in Members Only, having me explain my activities, and then ignoring them and posting that I was no longer in the home inspection business in Misc?


I see nothing wrong in your post. I do however see issues with the post that your response was about.

This is another self serving marketing piece for the person who has filed the complaint about your post. Additionally it is directly disparaging about anyone who properly does perform a very important function of managing client expectations. After all that is a major purpose of your Pre-inspection Agreement contract to manage client expectations. It is in fact the purpose of any properly written contract regardless of if it is for a service or a product.

Essentially it appears this complaint filed against your post is just another attempt at a vendor to suppress the opinions of others that do not agree with the vendor’s main agenda.