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You know the saying that goes something like… “Behind every man there’s a woman…”?

Well, I can almost guarantee you the women behind KW and RY is the “Roy and Ray Marionette and Ventriloquist show”!!!


I wouldn’t want to venture a guess…

Regardless, it’s getting out of hand and the insults are personal to individuals on some threads. KW thinks nothing will be done about this… Let’s see.

Take it to Nick please read the Moderation part about moderation of Members

Thanks Mr. Wilson!

I like Roy Cook ! He has given me many a good advice.

Same here!

I agree, Roy Cooke is a good man. I haven’t asked him many questions, but he always tries to answer them when I do. I miss his posts here.


dang it, why couldn’t your name be Dennis;-)

Roy Cooke and Raymond Wand remind’s me of Kevin Wood and Robert Young; they are same!

I think Ray and Roy were a bit smarter:shock:

This is funnier than the other comments.

You don’t get it …you’re the joke and everyone is laughing AT you not with you!

Where is the information we were all threatened with last night?

And now this carries on in the complaint department. Stop it!!! I am rolling around and can’t contain my laughter.:lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol:

I got your back, Kevin! Don’t hurt yourself while you’re rolling around!