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Posted by: kwood
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What does little Patti have to stick up for Len.
Maybe you too are involved for all I know. You have proved zip that you also should be a Director.

Darn Kevin, I think you’re setting a record, for being the most reported poster in one day, one week, one month…one year?

He certainly has surpassed Ray Wand who got kicked for way less damage to the Association.

Actually I know exactly what Ray was kicked out for. Again Len you can’t seem to keep your nose clean.

Knowing what he got kicked out for and confirming it was for less damage are two completely different things.

I am not disputing the first half of your statement, because it’s probably true. You are not disputing my statement, because its probably true, so the only thing that’s been said that is not true is the second part of your statement, which is not relevant to either statements that were true and, even here on the reported posts section (which btw is NOT an NFE section), is just a slur on someone who is saying something against you, yet again with no proof or evidence.

My grandmother used to tell me, “when in a hole, stop digging”. Sound advice for you right now.

Take your dads advice too Len. It is right below every crap post you have thrown at me.

I expect Most have little idea what Ray has done for this association over the years .
I also expect most have little idea why Ray was removed from NACHI .
I also expect most have no idea how many times Ray has been removed
and Invited back to NACHI.
Bringing Raymond’s name into these stupid silly posts is not the least bit fair to Raymond .
Yes I am a good friend of Raymond’s and the NACHI members have lost one of it’s better supporters .

Roy, I brought Ray’s name into it, because it identifies the travesty. Yes Ray could be rambunctious, but he was always prepared to admit his errors, and apologise. Yet still he was turfed.

I have many words with Ray, and we ddin’t always see eye-to-eye, but we always managed to talk it out at the end, and come to a compromise. There is no such thing with Kevin.

Whether he’s been an inspector longer than anyone else or not, whether he’s a long time supporter or not, it doesn’t give him the right to libel, defame other inspectors with fabricated lies and criminal accusations the way he has been doing and not suffer a fate that happened to, in my opinion, a far better professional such as Ray.

For all you know??? Careful big guy!
You’re making some serious allegations which may have some serious consequences.

You had better make sure you have proof for what you are claiming!

You are telling me to be careful. LOL

Yes I am Sir!

You are making very strong accusations of us getting kickbacks with no possible proof.

While we may disagree on many fronts, your posts have become more than dangerous and you are certainly threading a line which is uber-fine!

I have to ask, how did this person who acts like a 2 year old live this long?

I am only requesting he provides proof for such statements of being on the take!

Nevermind that… How is he allowed to make such statements?

Thanks Roy! Put it to bed guys.

You’ll get your proof possibly on a Monday! :mrgreen:

I was not referring to you Pat. :wink: Sorry for not being more clear.

I have the WAFIPLONKER on ignore so I only see the crap he posts if someone quotes him.

Unlikely Chris, you have to have proof to give it on any Monday. Kevin has none, he never has had, and he never will have. My career and professional standing is worth way more than any kick back could ever pay me to jeopardize.

Put it to bed as this is for complaints, nothing else.

Kevin you are the one that brought your BS to this section and now you try to tell everyone else to stop, what a joke.