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Post: Ontario NACHI Chapters
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Posted by: rcooke
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Mr. Cooke is a member and you should just leave him alone.

Mr. Cooke is an agitator who has caused great difficulties with the advancement of the home inspection profession in Canada.

Mr. Cooke is a long time member of INACH in good standing. InterNACHI only moderates non-members.

Learn the rules or leave and join ASHI.

Quoted from above…

If you think a post violates the COE, please ask a member of the ESOP Committee to review the post.

**Nick is the ESOP, and that is exactly why Patrick posted this thread, to get Nick to take action! **

Now get your head out of your a-s-s and pay attention, or leave and join NAHI !!!

What Jeffrey said!

Haven’t been here in a while. I see things are progressing normally.

I surf a lot of forums and you guys are definitely entertaining…

In case a few folks need to brush up on their Etiquette as I think some of this is misunderstood posts and remarks. Click here for some tips.

And here I thought Canuks where friendly lol

So funny. You guys are the best. Always fun.

Glad you think it is fun Mr Magdefrau … Mr Cooke needs to be banned yet again for directly posting my personal home address and interfering in matters he has NO business. He has been warned by Nick but is still allowed to carry on at will!! Identity theft is a huge issue and you can rest assured that mine has just been violated!

Action speaks louder than words! I have asked him to remove his post but more action needs to be taken to stop his relentless attacks on Ontarioachi (Internachi in Ontario) again is a violation of the COE

InterNACHI does not moderate member posts on its message board. There are only two reasons that a reported member’s post will be acted upon:

  1. If a member’s post could negatively reflect on InterNACHI as an association or a large portion of its membership,

This surely has to be in violation of the COE.

Seeing as I am a paying member and he is not lets see where your priorities lie
I refer to post: Roy D. Cooke, Sr](

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Re: Ontario NACHI Chapters


OntarioACHI ID :
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Scott May
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296 Harris St

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2013-07-12 00:00:00

2015-07-12 00:00:00


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I have his in a word document this is how it comes out when I cut and paste
Looks like you have recently renewed your membership. I do have others also .
Thanks … Roy

From Ontario NACHI Chapters - Page 4 - InterNACHI Inspection Forum

Now here we go again A OACHI director is attacking me .
The information he is talking about is Public info that he asked me to prove he had not paid his OACHI Dues .
What a strange life some OACHI directors lead .

Well Roy in your case it is richly deserved, you puke.

Isn’t your dirt nap coming soon?

Ouch! :shock:

I think you’ll find you started the thread so it’s not an attack it’s a defence.

As it was in these posts that you started as an attack on either OntarioACHI or a fellow member of InterNACHI.

And let’s not forget this particularly epic gem from you.

Ethics is not a banking system where you accrue credits for helping people and this allows you to make a withdrawal whenever you feel like going off the reservation.

People in glass houses Roy!

You guys are in a sissy cat fight, nothing more.
You should take this up in America at the White House. There will be plenty of happy people there who will agree your feeling are important to the large portion of the INACHI membership.