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Post: Owens Corning
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Posted by: ldapkus1
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That was way over the line.

So, let me get this straight…

Your post asks “Who is the pretty girl…?”

And** Linus follows up** with “Was she a Hooker…?”

And you want him expelled???

WTF ???

You are stupid aren’t you .
look at it again with both eyes this time…

Once upon a time men acted like men and settled their differences like men.

The pussification on men is tough to watch.

Okay… “A local Hooker snuck in…”


You say worse sh it than that in every post you make, including this one!

The original post was the second one about the pretty girl.
Two pages later, Linus made his swipe at Pilar.

Followed up by this:

Not to mention it was in the section dedicated to the area that Preston works and in a vendors presentation thread.

Good grief drama queens.

Email nick and have him move the posts or thread. It happens frequently.

Man up and deal with it.

What Mike said.

Although Members are not moderated, if a members post is damaging as you indicate, Nick will usually move it to NFE, or delete in entirely.

Looks like Nick disagrees with you:

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Default Re: Owens Corning
Linas is no longer a member here.

Nick Gromicko
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“Just as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

Okay, it is what it is, and Nick does what he wishes. My comment was based upon past experiences on this MB.

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Pay attention Nate. He’s gone.

Thank you Nick and staff.

Says the man that was not held accountable :roll:

Who’s next?

The powers at hand can delete the poll I did on Mike .
I’m done with it now.

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