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Post: Roy is Socialist Thread - Happy Now?
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Posted by: mlarson
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Are you offended as a socialist yourself?

It’s the not-for-everyone section of the forum. Anything and everything goes. Literally. No one is going to moderate it, read the forum description for that section.

Nope, not offended. Not a socialist. Just reading your tripe responses reminds me that if your resolve over the issue were on the right side of history, you wouldn’t need to lower your position by using such remarks. They are offensive as are most of your ideas regarding what you post here. Get a life Larson. This is a forum.

Read the guidelines of the not-four-everyone section of the forum.

If you choose to partake in that section of the forum you are accepting its terms.

If you believe the crap about global warming you are most likely a lot more socialist than you are wiling to admit.

I am glad I have upset you.

You need to be upset.

Try some critical thinking. Please

My guide lines in life develop from mutual regard for differing ideas… Not from the bible but from common decency. Get it…?

Blah blah blah.

You think people who are Christians are nuts. :roll::roll:

YOU have no objective standard. None at all.

You just made one up to your own liking.

You don’t know what I think Larson.
But it’s clear what you think… It’s your attempt to impose what you think on others, that’s the root of your hysteria over life… As I see it.

I do not see a post from the OP on the thread that was over 7 weeks ago…
NFE judgement police?

It isn’t hard to figure out. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no power to impose anything on you.

Where do you come up with this stuff?

The original thread title was.

Good Climate News Thread

After Roy’s bad behavior and failure to keep it positive I changed the thread title. :mrgreen:

NO !!!n just a very few who refuse to let others have their own beliefs .
Many in my family are Christians and many are not we all get along great and do not try to convert each other .
So glad most Christians follow the rules of the Bible ,
Roy Cooke

Maybe he needs a good stoning.

I would pay to see that.:mrgreen:

Absolutely… Roy has it coming to him!

Imposing ones ideas on others… Sounds like socialist behavior to me. Look in the mirror there Larson. You are becoming what you hate…
Better get back to something more productive today rather than responding to everything you see in the world. Could get a little overwhelming… Have you checked the flue on your furnace. I think it might be leaking into your brain cell development…

Great to have passion in the commentary. We all want our opinions read, understood and accepted…that doesn’t necessarily mean agreed with…
I encourage everyone to focus on issues that can be productive. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! And, I hope everyone enjoys celebrating our Lord’s birth with a very Merry Christmas!

Thanks Shawn. Happy holidays to you too!

So… I guess that means the stoning is out.:wink:

Not my job to convert anyone.

Only tell the Truth.