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Post: Melania Trump for First Lady
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Posted by: ldapkus
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Get a life!

Elliot, did your mother have any children that lived?

F uck you loser.
Don’t you havetoilets to clean or lawns to mow?


I think he was offended because his mother is an ape.:p:p

It is attacks and post’s like some of these that I think have caused many members to stop or reduce their posts.

Too bad it doesn’t work on you!

I thought you were dead.
Didn’t you and your butt buddy Ray attack Wendy because she didn’t want to participate in a threesome??

Only flush toilet & look @ lawn.
Not cleaning & cutting.

Nice talk , I do not see how this helps our industry.

It doesn’t.
How did you, char and wad advance our industry by attacking wforsyth?
Do you remeber that fiasco?

OK Linus, I’ve finally been able to line up a lady for you. But she’s not what you’d call a lady. In fact she’s not exactly human.

None of the Mexican women I tried would agree to go with you man, not after I translated a few of your posts. I thought I could get maybe a Russian woman who didn’t speak either English or Spanish, and I don’t know why, but a couple of hours after agreeing, each of them reneged.
What is this effect you have on human women, Linas?

Well I kept trying, and finally I was put in touch with this pimp from Estonia… real scumbag… don’t ever ask me for this again, Linas, I don’t ever want to have to deal with dirt like this again. Once this is done, you and I are even, but I finally found a female willing to have sex with you.
She walks on all fours, which should give you a running start. She was raised by wild animals, so her morals will be better than yours.

No cash or C/C. I imagine you’ll be paying in raw meat. No need to find her, she’ll find you, Jack. Good luck.

Woah, wait… So if I want weekly “basic home watch”, it’s only $45 per month. But if I only want monthly “basic home watch” it’s $75 per month… do ya ever sell the monthly package when it costs $30 more for 3 less trips per month?

Yep, especially when I have to look in on morons more often than once a month. It’s an added value thing a ma jig. Get it…? Whoops.
I’m surrounded by idiots.

You are the biggest one.

You guys are in a special sub-class of human behavior… ya’ll don’t exist without your endless banter about who’s better than what, an ignorant redneck. Must be a regional thing.

It’s nice that we have you as the self appointed arbiter of what is acceptable.

I consider you pretty classless myself. You’ve demonstrated that repeatedly, including in this thread. You equal the baseness of those you rail against within your own commentary. In crass terms: you frolic in the s-hit and then point to the people around you and declare that they are covered in s-hit. You need a mirror.

Ah …finally ‘post’ N.T / K.W entertainment. :slight_smile:

You do understand it is AGAINST InterNachi MB rules to copy another members posts from one thread, and to paste them to another thread, right!?!
Attempting to pass it off as your own words is also unethical!

What a dirtbag you are!

Does 2+2 equal 4 on your planet.:roll::roll: