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Post: Should a warranty managment company be HI licensed?
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Posted by: Mike O’Handley
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For the most part, I have no issue with Mike’s post. In fact, after reading the entire thread, I am inclined to agree with Mike. I personally don’t know the facts in discussion, but I do feel Jim gave Kevin (also a non-member) bad advice. One has to wonder if it was intentional so as to harm him and his business.

With the majority of his post, I have no problem either.

Agreeing or disagreeing with Mike’s portrayal of Jim, is irrelevant.

It’s a non-member disparaging a member.

Would it matter if the named was Larson, McKenna, Gromico, Kelly, Pope or Jonas? IMO, no, it would not.

No, it would not matter who the parties involved were. But I do feel a bit of provocation is/was involved.

I don’t care if a member or not, if provoking someone, expect retaliation in return. Membership status is irrelevant in this case.

The argument goes both ways. If Jim wants to disparage Mike, Mike gets to fight back. Those were the rules for commenting. You can’t hide in the Member’s Only section and trash a non-member.

This is a well known feud between these particular parties and can be quite entertaining at times. Let the games continue.

Post # 128

Seems to be a pattern here… but it’s okay because both are members??? BS!


i agree, that that is not right either, but members do not fall under “moderation” guidlines ,that would be ESOPs juristiction, if a complaint is filed.

Yes, I understand…

But I also understand that Nick has declared that certain forums are set-up so a non-member can respond to an attack by a member… ie… in self-defense.


Mike O’Handley has never to my knowledge dealt fairly with NACHI members and disparages the NACHI association at every opportunity. To me he is an anathema to our profession and deserves no respect, as a matter of fact back in 2004 it got so bad with Mike that Nick personally threw him out of NACHI, it is beyond me how he found his way back here to taunt and otherwise disturb the NACHI membership. Off with his head!

Rick it is a member attacking a non-member.

Read post #84 where the member starts the feud by using hand job and other assaulting verbiage.


There seems to be a common denominator in the last couple of reported posts.

Just sayin’:wink:

Jim’s a big boy. he called Mike…“O’ Handjob” as he has for several years, here and other sites. He can defend himself, we’ve all seen it. I don’t think he needs us to defend him.

I’m aware of the ongoing fued between Jim and Mike.

I agree with defending oneself (civily) and, I agree that the O’handjob comment is out of line. That, again, is an ESOP issue. I’m even OK with Mike’s “bushfart” refernce in playing tit-for-tat.

I have a sneaking suspicion, though, if a non-member called any of you a liar in the public forum, you’d be calling for his head.

Again, it should not matter if you agree or disagree with the assesment.

I reported this for the moderators to look at.

If they are OK with the post, so be it. Perhaps we are more tolerant of non-members, here. My guess is that if that was posted on another MB, it would be altered or deleted.

Just sayin. :wink:

Heck, I knew O’Handjob for a long time. I understand he collects most of his art art from John McKenna posted images.

Nothing that slimeball could ever say would bear enough credibility to get me to read it, twice.

He hates me for calling him out on his ulterior motives. I love getting under his skin and these outbursts from him are my barometer.

Thanks anyway, Rick. Letting that douche bag continue to prove the point of those who hate him with his posts only adds to the fun.

Just came in and have not read through more than 2 posts here ,but…O’Handjob needs to be banned from this forum, and never should have been given permission to spread his NACHI bashing in our own house.

Anyone that thinks this is a good guy to have around should turn in their membership and join O’Handjobs small cliche of yes men on his crappy little forum.


Bob you’re just upset because you got banned from his board. :stuck_out_tongue:

As stated above…
Tit for tat.

The guys whole image is to hate everything about our association,but since you are ASHI you do not really care much about our image anymore ,do you?

Yes I was banned for the act of sticking up for my Brotherhood.
How does that make you feel Linus?
Maybe you just do not give a rats a-s.?

Try and post some of the cr-p you post over here on his site.
Bet you do not have the balls.

How many NACHI guys have been banned for not taking O’Handjobs sh-t and why do you give him so much love as to stick up for him?

Do you ever post there?
Serious question.

I see you’re going bushart on us. Have a swig of good liquor and get some rest Bob. Are your hemorrhoids acting up again???:p:p

Guess you are not capable of a serious response.
Now go over to his site with that type remark and see how fast you get yanked.

You would like that…:slight_smile: