Reported Post by ryoung7

Perhaps he got a phone call… :wink:

…to have his ‘boy-bun’ combed out. :shock:

You guys are ruthless.

Remind me to never get on your bad side :mrgreen:

Is INTERNACHI so hard up for money that they need Roberts dues? This man child is destroying this Forum, and is a complete disgrace to This industry. I’m making the first vote to have his membership revoked. Anyone care to second it?

The tempest has passed. This is not something you get to vote on. There’s only one person who can make the change you are asking for. If you want your message to be heard by someone who can do something about it, you need to contact him personally.

Let calm waters stay calm for a while.

WOW we have a new member Troy J. Swenson]( and it looks like he does not even have a web site yet and is trying to tell NACHI how they should run things .
It might be a good idea Troy to just relax and learn many things .
NACHI is the biggest and the best Home inspector association .
Robert has been a member 7 years and has helped many .
I do hope you last seven years, +++ and more .
I wish you well all the best… Roy

I seldom agree with Robert and have been watching him self destruct for several years.

I have known Roy for the like number of years and seldom get involved.

I do however follow this message board daily and I have learned much.

I would suggest this newby take a little time to get grounded before making such statements.

But then again, it is a free country and everyone has the right to make an *** of himself!

JMHO and every one know I do not get into on line p------ matches!

Good ole lying Roy. Never passes an opportunity to be a dick.

With due respect my experience with Robert has been he can apologize all he wants (very often/or far too often). The problem is that in the past it seems to be short-lived. His actions to continue to speak out and defy other members in a professional manner seem louder than his words and broken promises.

One can only hope that he can change, and actually mean what he says with his apologies, but only time will tell.

You could get threatened for that.
Just like most all the Google reviewers.
Check out YELP, it is coincidentally the same pattern…

Any person that has been the victim of his comments typically defend their position. There’s a long list of people that it has impacted. It’s too bad when one feels the need to personally attack others, particularly if it is unfounded.

Again - “no disrespect intended or implied”. It’s simply about meaning what one says with an apology and promise and “simply” holding to that standard as a professional.

At least he tries to make things right that is more than I can say about , Leonard Inkster and Patrick Auriol .
With their posing lies .
I do not remember them ever apologising .

Time to stop. Robert gets in trouble because he follows your example which leads him to periodic breakdowns. Try giving him a better example to follow.

Let it go.


Roy is the example of passive aggressive postings.

Roy, we have been friends for a long time.
I agree with Chuck and others.
While the waters a calm and smooth sailing, leave this one alone for a while.

The Awards Committee does not need to get involved in Drama or anything like it.


How is it you’ve decided to attack some who are not involved in this entire affair?

You don’t even know me, have no idea what I do, where I do it, when I do it and who I do it with.

Once again, trying to make yourself look superior you make ignorant baseless attacks!

Do we need to bring up your attacks on other Members together with ejected individuals whose attacks are posted on facebook? Copies are available. Maybe you can explain to all of us how you are supporting this?

So: You can keep demonstrating to all how you actually operate and the type of person you really are OR: As per Chuck, Marcel and many others: Choosing to move in a more positive direction, realize how this mess started for Robert and drop it.