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Post: Get paid to generate renewable energy
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Take this as “contructive criticism”…

Take a break from this MB for 7 days…

Spend that time over at this MB…

Participate exactly the way you do here.

See you back here in 3 days, with your tail between your legs.


Sorry I agree with Robert , Brian M is constantly putting down Nick,NACHI and many NACHI members .
I as an example am fed up with his constant belittling .
As an example I have him on my ignore list and I do know others who ask why do we need his stupid useless posts .
Jeffery I expect you have not had him shadowing you and attacking your posts . I left a Canadian forum because of Brian M constant belittling .
I know others who also no longer go their because of him .
Brian’s stupid methods are not helpfull.
Do you think I need to stay away for 7 days too.

Grow up Roy.

Both of you are constantly trying to egg the other on.

And you certainly provide ample material for his jabs at you. IMHO

I understand exactly what you are saying, and I have no issue with your opinion of any member or non-member. I have had my own problems not that long ago with a certain member… Robert. To me, there isn’t that much difference between the two, except that Robert doesn’t belittle Nachi. In my opinion, many issues that develop with him, are self-inflicted. I suggested the other MB only as a wake up call as to how good he has it here. He would be “run-out-of-town” on most other sites.

Look at Dan Harris as an example. For how many years did we put up with his BS? No real difference from Brian. He is welcomed back with open arms whenever he decides to grace us with his presence. There are many others also.

Perhaps if everyone just ignored Brian, he would either start to “play nice”, or just “dry-up and blow away”. He will lose interest if no one listens and encounters him.

Still… JMHO.

You put up with this creep.
Not me mate.
I will sick this azzhole all over INACH AND WORK ON NICK TO KICK HIM OUT.
So Jeff when he puts down your cert and your association you live with that.Hmmmmmmm.
You think he is good.
He is an average guy that reads and remembers and uses his knocking INACHI TO DRUM UP BUSINESS.
Hmmmmmm Jeffery. Why are you here???
WOW Jeff. I am surprised.
And you on a INACHI comity.
Will you will now live with me all over the board and up MacNiech’s azz.
Why because you let him and he is not a member.
I will drive every member I can to hound this azz.


My best advice for you is simple.

If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.

I can only speak for myself … but before anyone can insult me, I must first have some kind of a regard for their opinion.

Many of the slugs that slide around this message board can only exist with my permission. When I want them to disappear from the face of the Earth, my ignore button erases their existence. It’s really quite easy.

Nick uses punks like this to help him promote his stuff. We used to have a couple of mental midgets from Arizona that he mercilessly abused (as they thought they were making points against NACHI). They finally caught on to how they were being manipulated and moved on. Others take a little longer to discover the strings.

So, this post by Robert is any better than Brian’s HOW ??? Anybody? Oh, because Robert is a member, so he paid to pull this crap? I don’t think so!

FYI… I defend no-one (but myself) in their actions towards others, but, I get a lot more good information from Brian than I do Robert. Although Brian can be a pain-in-the-*** at times, try pulling your crap on another inspector and see where that get’s you. Oh yeah, you already did, me! Seems to me you threw a hissey fit back then, and had to leave the MB to escape the fire that was only yet smoldering.

You need to grow some hide, and clean up the dog-**** in your own backyard, before you start pointing fingers at others.

And learn to use spell checker. Don’t forget the damn spell checker… :roll:

I just sorta’ lumped that in with the other piles! :mrgreen::twisted::wink:

Without any doubt.

Thank you all for that test of you gonad’s.
Jeffery I see you have none as usual.
What some people will put up with for the smallest bit of information.
Its a jaw dropper.
So now I see the people I have always respected sat where they always did. Whit there balls intact.
As for the lovers of the Windbag.
You deserve everything in life you get.

I use to bump heads with you Mr.B.
You have the most balls here and fit in with the ones I admire at INACHI.

Robert is fortunate he does not live close to Jeffrey.

Jeff give him some good advice but lets his emotions run away AGAIN.

This will not end well for our dear Robert/

Maye it’s the water in Canada. Too much polar bear piss. :wink: