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You richly deserve everything I said about you.

He must have run out of refills for his meds.

Well, it has been about 30 days! :roll:

she’s back!!


that was good

Could you please keep track of these members please.

I will be doing reporting them to their respective state licensing boards.

That’s funny.

What a twit.

You are one annoying little rodent.
How about a little rant about Beelzebub & that stuff you do? :roll:
At least you provide entertainment.

I think Roberts concerns should be addressed.

Are you always an idiot?

He’s a fruit cake.

Maybe sarcasm doesn’t convey too well via the written word. And I’m only sometimes an idiot.:wink:

There is a useful sarcasm smiley for future use.

Its in the more list or you can type “: sarcasm :” without the spaces :sarcasm:

Thanks Mike. Ever so helpful as usual.

Your post didn’t confuse me, even without the emoticon.