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Post: Recalled Furnace?
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Posted by: mlarson
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Where’s Roy when you need him?

Is he still alive?

I haven’t seen him on this forum for over a month.

Don’t jinx it!!!


eh, this chump tried pulling chtt w/me months ago.

i tried calling his DUMB lying azz to simply talk to the guy and he turned around and started all kinds of bllllshtt. Professional? Fccccc that, come on.
Tell ya’s, there sure seems TA be close-to as many misfits on Nachi as there is in the waterproofing biz.

ya see, loool, as much as I’ve tried ironing some things out in my stinky azz cheating, lying, fraudulent business I cannot help you Nachi peeps weed out the garbage you have, lots O luck… got milk?

maybe…just maybe, he needs something like the lil hot ‘red’ in this video and ummm, maybe he cannot afford THAT kind of action, got that? Got milk?

Stll of the NIGHT duh umm, maybe the ‘rich’ nachi-members could pitch-in and get him some

I am not convinced he would know what to do with here Mark. :shock:

Robert has some serious mental/social issues and he gets a little cookoo when doesn’t take his meds.
This has been going on for years.
It’s best just to ignore him.
He goes away when he gets medicated.

You really called her?

loool. got milk?