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Post: Sub- main electrical panel
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When I am trying to view some (most) pictures, it brings me to a login screen where I have to SCROLL down to login. Can’t login on the top. Is this your issue? It’s a real pain to view pictures on this forum I am on iPhone

The Nachi app isn’t that great. Don’t expect too much when on it.


I love all of the content in this forum ( less the major back and forth bickering between a few individuals) but yes, the platform it was built on is majorly flawed. I often have to close out of the app and kill it , just to reopen it to read the posts. And as mentioned above, having to re-login to view every picture is a major pain. But I put up with it to be able to access all the raw information and questions from real inspectors across the country.

Then don’t use the “flawed” app. Just copy a shortcut to the desktop version. Then at bottom of MB page choose “minimal version” from dropdown.