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My defence

Well I see Scot is upset that I posted that I can see why about OntarioACHI doing nothing good.
Sorry but asking for info and no replies and looking at the forum and nothing is happening ,I stand by my statement. Roy Cooke

I believe the original report was because of your breach of ethics, and foul language bringing the Association and Profession into disrepute.

Now you seem to compound that by saying that OntarioACHI is “doing nothing good” insinuating that we are doing something bad, and then basing that claim upon the “fact” that the OntarioACHI message board is not active.

The two are completely unconnected, bear no relevance to your argument, and provide you no defence to your original outburst, which I believe is what Scott reported you for.

Well I see Len things he need to get *involved in this too. *
Looks like he does not have much confidence in Scott

And here come the insults and name calling because you can’t defend an error in judgement on your part.

Shame on you and your bullying practices!

Roy I am sorry that you don’t have a life other then Nachi. It is time for your reign of attacking to end it is a grave disservice to this and any message board. Paying members are sick of coming here and having a non paying member take pot shots and never a reprisal …IT is Time!

Please have look at

Then look at the three of you I expect about 3 times your totals . I got three letters this week and four phone calls .
You Might want to ask nick to remove me and see what He says .
It was members like me who made NACHI what it is today Been on the awards Committee for ten year what Have you done for NACHI

Do you want us to counter with the old threads and their links?

Precise example of how you leave parts out to make yourself look good!

More threats . I can take the heat can you . I am happy sorry you are not …

Not threats - Facts… Just like you always squawk about.

They are posted in the other sections. Happy reading!


Roy, I am seriously worried about you. Is there someone there who can check you out, your incoherent babblings made me think you were drinking, hence the question.

Please ensure you are not having a stroke.

Your Try at humour is very silly . I would have expected more from you then this . I am glad you have the tree of you to support each other .

Again, your assumptions are off base. I was seriously concerned. Now I’m not.

Strange I wonder why you need to step in on Scott’s complaint .
You sure have a hard time ignoring me

you guys are a bunch of crybabies
grow up.
and change your depends Roy

All the good roi cook may have done has passed.
You are only as good as your last action.
Including making foul language & smears off my website that was
tracked back to an IP address location in Ontario…

Kinda reminds me of life with my ex-wife.

Na this is worse Kenton