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Post: Looking for study materials or sites
Forum: Electrical
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Posted by: pabernathy
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Are you someonessock puppet? :roll:

Speedy’s got plenty of credibility behind his name on all the forums that he belongs to.


But he was dumped here for very bad behavior.

I trusted him until that happened too.

It is like this is two different people making me think someone hijacked his computer.

I don’t remember him being in any ‘trouble’ on the NACHI forum…when was this? I only know his status has been what it currently is since the purge of ‘guests’ a couple of years back.


Speedy Petey was not dumped here. He was given “Unmoderated Guest Status” but that was after all the moderation started and he left. I don’t even think he knew he had unmoderated status.

Last time I saw him post he started talking trash and left.
He flipped or something.

You sure you’re not thinking of Mark S.?


Oh Shunk.
You may be right.
They both were posting lots of helpful info around the same time period.

I Think I got them mixed up too. Sorry.