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lol why? I’m not even using it. I thought people could use the information. I’ll take it off.


You would have to have been around a couple years ago to understand. Unfortunately the :wink: face is not available when reporting a post.

In case you were not aware David the vendor that sells that crap was booted from InterNACHI and this message board, by Nick. Every post he ever made here, thousands, have been removed.

I kinda heard about it but I see now his products are promoted on the Nachi newsletter and Nick was marketing his services in a different thread.

I wasn’t spamming, people had questions I had the answers, that’s why I posted it. I like to help if I can, I’m not promoting.

in case you have been asleep since then: Nick and Nathan are hosting conferences together in the very near future.

I see Nate promoting that fact.


Wow. So $24 per pop if you offer both. That can add up.

Another c*unt!:smiley:

Have you ever woken?

(5 inspections a week X $24) X 48 weeks = $5760 . Of course the client is paying for these so those handing them out don’t much care!

That will buy a few dishwashers.

And you are surprised?