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You are absolutely correct. Flagging the post will not do it.

Copy it to an email, send it to Joe Farsetta, and the man will make a public apology and announce a change to his business practice…or be a former member of InterNACHI.

No one may discriminate against any race and be a member here.

It reflects upon all of us in the minds of the victims of his prejudice.

Send that email today, please.

That should be removed right away or I will may need to rescind membership.
There is no place for KKK members here with their idiot opinions.

Whether the post is removed or not…the member needs to have the chance to recant and if he does not, he must be the one removed. His actions…not his words…is what brings discredit to the association.


A PM was sent to Joe at the same time to review that post.

Not the same as a complaint.

Actually, if Nick knew about this guy…he would throw him out without the ESOP even making the request.

No one wants the InterNACHI logo or name associated with any pencil dick that not only conducts his business in a racially discriminatory manner, but thinks he has approval enough to brag about his illegal activities on our message board.

This is a members, mostly section and Nick does not get here, much.

The post should be immediately deleted. I will personally instruct the author that , if these are his business practices, then he is in clear violation of the COE.

He needs to clarify his position. If his business practices are racially motivated, he’s gone from this association quicker than ($ h i t) through a goose.

Thanks, Joe.


Has anyone talked to this member about his recent post?

I think he has made his position clear. I don’t want to be in the same organization as this individual. Unless the statement was made surreptitiously by someone other than the member, he should be ejected from the organization.

I provided him with some direction. Have his posts been removed/modified?



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He has broadened his campaign of hate to include hispanic children.

When will this jerk be stipped of his membership?

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Default Re: When did racism and bigotry become acceptable…
Good luck making that false charge stick dude.

InterNACHI is likely the most diverse trade association in all of human history.

We have members in some 48 different countries speaking 9 different languages. 9 of our 12 staffers are minorities. 4 are Jewish. 1 is physically challenged. We have entire chapters that have their meetings totally in Spanish. I sit 5 feet from staffer Lisa Vega who talks in Spanish with Hispanic members all day. And next to her is staffer Katie McReynolds who handles our Chinese operations in fluent Mandrin. Staffer Kenton Shepard is the ICC author of the English/Spanish job phrasebook. One staffer lives and works for us from India. We have 90 members of our Puerto Rican Chapter which has had regular meetings for years, in Spanish. InterNACHI’s founder is married to a woman who is 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 American Indian. We’re headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most liberal, inclusive cities in the country. And our local Denver Chapter president shot his inspection video commercial in… you guessed it… Spanish.

Again, InterNACHI is arguably the most diverse trade association in the world. A truly “International” organization.

Trying to harm InterNACHI by making it out to be the opposite of what it is, won’t work. You’re barkin’ up the wrong tree.
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