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Posted by: belliott
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It’s sad that he has to act like this. Sometimes people just don’t know when to stop. He needs professional intervention. They say you have to hit bottom before you seek help. Pray for him.

Like you initials abbreviation…twitt

Ever done stalking me Linas.

Hey Twitt was my put down too much for you to handle last night?

Seems nothing has changed

Letter to Linas Dapkas

Please put me on ignore as I am not going to respond after this.
Note this is 5-4-12 that I am requesting you stop stalking my posts and committing acts that are harmful to my business.

This is a public forum that can be searched by any member of the public and thinking you may post lies or slander in order to harm a local competitor is something most Judges may not take lightly as a loss of income due to false innuendos even in jest may harm both myself and my family financially.

Do not contact me,post about me or respond to this post.

Time of this writing is 7:50 am and wish you to consider this a both a personal and professional request as every post will be documented to be used against you if needed in a court of law.

My present and future clients are being effected by your acts and Bob Elliott(myself) would like to prevent this from becoming a matter settled in a court of law.

Thank You.
Bob Elliott

1. We don’t moderate members.

2. It was in a Member’s Only forum so it is not seen by the public.

I agree Steve. I think AA is the only solution.

Pretty soon you may be hit with a liable suit Linas.
By the way what is the address of that pretend office on Michigan ave you use to get on Google Places with again?

If it exists I will go visit and apologize …liar.

Hey Twitt did you report Linas when he posted this???

5/14/12, 1:50 PM

Linas Dapkus
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Re: Seriously Large reports?
If you have nothing better to do than sit around and get drunk after your inspections and write fluffy reports with 200 pretty pictures of a dirty air filter, than go ahead and write fluffy reports that are worthless as a drunk on Lower Wacker Drive in mid-December.

I wonder what Mindy would say about all this?