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Posted by: mlarson
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I liked his last post where he admitted he is a stalker . see red below
So sad he used to be a great guy it is unfortunate to see him deteriorate as time goes on .

Originally Posted by rcooke
rebuttal when you post incorrect information .

You are the champ I quit … Roy

Good but I will be here when you start again.

As always. Your choice.

Good morning boys.

I wonder who called my phone 7 times from a bogus number.

Of course it is on auto reject so I just laugh when my phone says rejected.

Ray, is that you or is it Roy this time?

Now just who is the stalker?

I liked his last post where he admitted he is a stalker .


You funny guy Roy.

Let me explain it to you.

If you post crap I will respond.

If you lie or shade the truth I will respond if I see it.

You two little girls do not intimidate me.

Call me if you want to talk.


Aw, I was hoping the guy on the right was gonna win after such a great start!

Please remember that one was allowed back and instructed to curb his enthusiasm.

The other remains personna-non-grata.

may I be so bold as to inquire why he is allowed to post then?