Does someone know what happened with reporthost site?

it happens to us all at some point or another…but if anyone needs a report out now:

I hope you can get your report out etc. but if not, you could download our software and duplicate your report in it. i will give you a free month (without the water mark) and let you get the report out. If you want to go to this link and download the trial… when you are done with your report…call my mobile and i will set the software to remove the watermark. let me know if you or anyone else are interested ( so i can keep an eye on your phone call.

Russell Buchanan
my personal mobile 828-280-2264

Thanks Russell.

HOME Inspector Pro will provide a 3 month working trial however by the time you learn a new software Report Host will be back up.
I doubt it will stay out long.

Talked to Jim tonight they are trying to change servers and are having some big-time problems. He predicted they would be back up in a couple of hours, but that was 6 hours ago. Sounds like a typical server change - there is usually disaster involved. They should be up tomorrow.


ReportHost has been back up for a while however it’s taking a while for DNS to propagate the new address so that works for everyone.

In the mean time you can use the IP address

It’s been a grueling day. We finally jerked our equipment out of the data center that was heading into another unknown-duration outage and took it across town to another.

If anyone needs help: