Reporting evidence of WDOs and Damage on Home Inspection Report

As a Florida licensed PCO I received the disciplinary list (public information)

Looks like they nailed a home inspector for
Reporting evidence of WDOs and Damage on Home Inspection Report

Although I did not find the guy as a licensed home inspector so I don’t know what the circumstance was.

Disciplinary Action Report-Pest Control.pdf (34.1 KB)

Why don’t you figure out what the offense was. Chapter 482.161 (9) Florida Statutes

What’s a PCO?

Pest Control Operator

HUH figure out something? The offense?
482.161 (9) is the disciplinary stuff for a violation of the statute.

Guessing They must have filled out the WDO inspection form without being licensed to do so.

Not necessarily, they may have reported or identified the WDO in a general inspection report, which is verboten in our State (without the proper credentials).

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Reporting evidence of WDOs and
Damage on Home Inspection Report.

There are ways of reporting damage and suspected causes on a home inspection report, without violating the statute.

That’s Not entirely correct …
You can call it out as long as you refer to a pest control contractor.
I contacted the Dept of Ag head about this years ago.
I posted it here , but it was years ago.

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I found it…

Ms. Czerniak
As a Florida licensed home inspector if I see live termites and evidence of such as subterranean mud tubes and include such finding in my report to my client would I be in any violation.
When I find evidence of WDO’s I always recommend a licensed pest control contractor evaluate further.

Here is an example that maybe see in my report.
“Evidence of wood destroying insects was noted… I.e. Subterranean termite mud tubes. Live organisms was noted at the time of inspection. Recommend a licensed pest control contractor evaluate further.”

Would I be in any sort of violation as a Florida licensed home inspector with the above statement in my report?

Roy Lewis

Her Reply…
Dear Mr. Lewis:
Thank you for your inquiry. As long as you are not advertising WDO inspections as being part of your service and collecting fees for a WDO report, you are in compliance with Chapter 482 Florida Statutes. The way you are handling your WDO observations in the report is acceptable, and further recommending that the homeowner contact a licensed pest control company for evaluation is a good practice also.


Marlene Czerniak

Assistant Chief/Environmental Administrator

Division of Agricultural Environmental Services

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

(850) 617-7996