Reporting method for new inspector

Just wondering about the method you folks first used for for performing your inspections/report. I really like the idea of just using a checklist/camera/notes on site and complete the report at home. Is this a feasible method for a first time home inspector?

Also I must add that I’ve downloaded a 2 of the most suggested mobile reporting softwares on a trial run. Seems to me that I would spend alot of time onsite standing around, switching sections ect.

Yes it takes extra time.
Some say only about 15 minutes more but I have tried many times and do not see doing that unless you downgrade your detail and images.

So I imagine you just do pictures/notes and use software to complete the report at home?

Then look at pics over coffee in the am and then send report and start over. :wink:

So would I be wrong in saying that a reporting software wouldn’t be unnecessary using this process? Wouldn’t some sort of pdf template accomplish the same task without the cost? Or is there something I am missing?

First you gotta generate the pdf with something… I love HIP.

HIP is the best.

I use
Bring your tools, a good camera and your radar for deficiencies and shoot more pictures than you’ll need. Upload them all and then apply to the narratives and outlines as provided in the template. Add and delegate narrative as you feel is required.
Onsite reporting is not a practical option at least for my style of reporting. Most of the homes I inspect are not straight forward inspections.

I imagine the desktop version would be less cumbersome than the mobile version?

If you do an inspection a day or more you will wish you had a software as HIP if you want to be good.

I don’t know how someone could manage a “thorough” report and inspection on a mobile device. Too many things I would have to look up later and realize after I have left. It takes the time it takes. Nothing more and nothing less.

Also, I can’t put my FLIR one thermal camera on an iPad but it fits my iPhone 5s quite nicely!

I use my mobile device for entering data (instead of a pad and pencil), and the pictures are in the right section of my report.

When I get home, I download it to the PC, add some additional comments, and finish the report.

Next morning, I look it over, make sure it says what I want, and it looks okay, and send it to them.

Some guys, who catch on better than me, can do the entire thing from their phone, and seemingly produce good, thorough reports without looking them over first.

We have the same system, Kenneth! Sometimes 3 cups of coffee, then start over! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you ever seen them do it?

You need good reporting software, period. I like HomeGauge personally, but there are a few really good products out there. Once you get proficient with the software you’ll be amazed how fast you can bang out a report, and it will look great.

yes it is kind of complicated online report system it should be something better