reporting old damp basements

anyone have some good verbaige to share?

trying to express that an 80 year old brick/block foundation is likely going to see some moisture intrusion.

like…it is what it is sorta thing.

here’s what i’ve got…please elaborate

am I saying too much? Not enough?

“In an 80 year old brick or block foundation, at least some amount of moisture intrusion is common. This can be particularly true at the base of the foundation walls. Recommend qualified foundation professional evaluate if further damp-proofing of the basement is desired.”


This might give you some additional assistance in working on your verbage…alot of good info here.

Also the guy who wrote this is QUITE the expert…check out HIS comments on the moisture in older homes and I quote from his article. The below is from the TIPS for buying an older home.

Check out this handbook.

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My printer starts printing last page first, or whatever page I want printed. Office Depot $99.00 HP I just bought a few for Christmas gifts.

I include the article how to keep your basements dry from Mr. Fix It.

His book How to Operate your Home is a excellent reference book for the avearge home owner. If you have never seen his illistrations or book take a look.

Check out the articles.

As far as I can remember, all the printers I have had in recent years allow you to select if the printing starts at the last or the first page. It should pop up when you select print and be under some sort of advanced optons setting. Check you printer documentation to be sure.