Reporting Software usage

Hello I’m new to the trade I have a question regarding the reporting software I’m considering buying Ez home inspection software My question is I have a iPhone 6 and laptop (windows 10) Is is possible to use iPhone on site with app and use laptop at home to send report to client or do you buy a tablet and submit report on site? I’m yet to do a inspection so I’m not fluent with the industry standard Thanks Mike

No real standard Mike.

Almost every home inspection report software company allows you to download a trial version to test out.

Collecting data on a smart phone with a mobile version and then completing the report later on a desk top or laptop is what most inspectors do.

Join this organization it is more that worth it.


Try the demos and then make your decision. Because the one you start with you will stay.
and that is a double-edged sword

Exactly. Do not purchase based upon your wallet. Purchase based upon quality of the final report. Remember, you get what you pay for!