Reports & Software

What report forms or software do you use. I see so many, I really need to dial it in. Cost and ease of use are a factor. Thanks for the help. David

There are over 25 threads from the past couple years asking this exact question. Try using the search function above.

Cost should not matter as much as ease of use and end product if you are certain to stay in the profession.
Personally I prefer HIP over any other for those very reasons.

I like tap-inspect.

Ditto, Cost should not matter, ease opf use I can understand but good luck with that, any program you buy will have a learning curve, and to be able to use the software to it’s full extent it takes time & patience.

I use 3D. If you like you can view my sample report at

3D is difficult to work with if I recall correctly.

They all are, at least until you learn the program. I’ve had it since day one and know it very well. I can manipulate my reports to look any way I want but more importantly I have over 11 years of narratives and adding more all the time to not only cut down on time but add more information as well.

As you know I purchased HIP because for a time 3D support got rather bad, I looked at HIP & decided to stick with 3D and thank my lucky stars I did. Comparing the 2, and depending on what package you get, 3D offers much more, 2 examples: Office management & different forms such as the NPMA-33, which I use on every inspection.

They are all good programs, it depends on what & how much you want. 3D isn’t cheap and for good reason.

When I was looking at new software I thought 3D was easier to work with than HIP.

We all have our personal preferences. No right or wrong. Use what is best for you.

HIP is great for a new inspector, has lots of customization, easy to use and great support.

Homegauge has a bit more features and is powerful

3D is packed with features, a bit quirky, support is sometimes slow.

I have owned and used all of them in the field for more than 50 inspections.