I review the ISN company reports frequently, because I believe only the things that are monitored improve. I also check the percentage of Real Estate closings I inspect on a monthly basis as well as keeping a count of the number of home inspections we complete every month(since before I used ISN). Is there anything else you track that you find vital to your business success?

At InterNACHI, we track everything constantly (in live time).

Tracking is easy.
Hard is knowing what to track and why.
Time is money and documentation takes time.

1}My last clients eyes were blue.

Agreed, but is there anything you track in particular that you find important?

ISN tracks so much, but like I listed it has no idea what my market is doing

For marketing and financial purposes its nice if you can track at a glance Agent and past client referrals plus keep track of property types and fees on those inspected in the past.

Being able to sort all emails into a group for mass email blasting would be another .

I already do that.

This article will anyone interested with how to apply labels to your agents:

This article will help with creating a mass email using the label/category you created:

Then it performs as I might hope .
Does ISN farm client information ?

What kind of information would you be looking for my friend?

I should add… you can apply labels to clients as well… if that helps.

What I meant by" farm "was sell clients info like RWS does as all client info would be on their servers is there an assurance it will not be used by a third party ?

oh GOSH totally didn’t see that… as it isn’t what we are about…

Here is our CTO’s post on our Privacy Policy: (from another thread)

Hi @Jeff,

It is a valid concern, we view privacy (and security) as a big deal here @ ISN. The “client” information falls under your company’s info. It is your data; we do not share nor sell it. It’s yours; it’s always been our view and our execution!

We view it as such a concern we “sandbox” your data away from every other customer. This is extremely unique in the industry (I believe we are the only vendor who does this). Your data is never stored in the same container with another company. Most companies consolidate data within the same data layer. We do not; every customer has their own data containers.

We are security and privacy focused. I am more than happy to discuss any concerns!

Thanks, Chris

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My favorite metric on ISN is the pie chart that shows how many agents used you once, how many 2-4 times, and how many more than that.

ISN has so many reports that you can spend your entire day with them.

I like being able to see what type of inspections are trending. For instance, how many radon tests compared to single family homes. Or # of condos vs single family homes.

Another one I like is the average fee chart. It breaks it down to:
Past week
Past month
Past 90 days
Past year.

Thanks ,just wanted to be 100% sure.


What if you could put the Radon results in the client information, so that it can map hot areas for you and if you had high radon in that area in the past.

I always thought this map would be good and it would be a great way to sell Radon tests.

Or InterNACHI could just survey its members for their highest radon levels found along with corresponding street and city (but not street number). Then we could build a map.

That’s a good idea Nick.

Great idea

It would be great if ISN could create a report map that shows all of the locations that inspections have been performed. They already have location information. The map could possibly be set up for year, month, all time etc…

I’m thinking that this would not be a public map just one that we could pull up for use in marketing.

Michelle, what do you think?

Hey David,
We do have a desktop widget graph that sorts by zip code…

Are you thinking it would be cool to see all the “dots” you have done inspections for? Like the maps we see of places we visited?