My mistake, I was referring to the one you were asking about. <$99>

Oh, well I wasn’t sure maybe I thought someone heard of it cause it does sound cheap, but again it can’t be any worse than what I use and that cost 8 times more.

I bought homegauge 6 years ago i think. yearly charge of 300 if you want to use the services of uploading and calendar

I thought you’d like that :wink: Both HomeGauge and us have payment plans too.

Dom is a great guy Anthony He helps a lot of people here.

Plus the software integrates into the website you already have with us :wink:

That sounds good. I am looking to down time my report writing.

I too bought InspectIt and was sorry, at first. Since I spent a lot of money to buy the program, I didn’t have more money to buy another. I called the software guys to complain and they explained how to go in and tweak the software so that it has everything you need. It sucks you have to do this, as for the money you spend it should come ready out of the box, but at least you have options. I took one day and went in and redid a bunch of stuff on both the Handheld Software as well as the Laptop software. Now it’s much, much better. If I had it to do over again, I’d never have bought it, but after the rebuild, it’s pretty good.

Hi Eric, that is true their only good point is that you can tweak it. But what isn’t right like you said it is very expensive and not only that they are selling it to their new students who are just getting into the home inspection industry not knowing any of this. I feel no matter how much you tweak it, it is very down timing trying to get the report done when you are working with word, and god forbid you have a problem with it they charge you to fix any problems. You think being a student and buying their products they would offer free tech support.

  1. Home Inspector Pro
  2. HomeGauge

Just MHO.

I have been using Homeguage

It works, its stable,
and better than what I was using before…