How long do we keep home inspection reports?

7 years on my part.

Same here 7 years.

Don’t know. Never got rid of one in 10+ years.

Don Stepp is an ASHI Certified Master Home Inspector.

[size=2]How is it you are a “Certified Master Home Inspector” that is not listed on the Certified Master Inspector website? It is a trademarked logo and ASHI does not hold the trademark, Nick does.

Why would you use ASHI in your title but then use all the InterNACHI logos in your scroll? Also, why don’t you show on the ASHI membership role in a 150 mile radius of Colombus?

Something doesn’t seem correct here. :shock:

Here’s another ASHI Certified Master Inspector. Apparently many are using this "designation ". Nick should look into this. Some must be adding “Master”.